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For all general inquiries or immediate support please contact us at or (613) 533-6000 ext 78426
or in person at University Research Services, Fleming Hall/Jemmett Wing, 2nd floor
78 Fifth Field Company Lane, Kingston, Ontario Campus Map
  • Provides support for the Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ)
  • First level support-Help Desk for TRAQ Project and Financial Reporting Project

Patricia Ambrose, B.A, B.Ed.

Help Desk Analyst - Research Administration, TRAQ Project

613-533-6000, ext. 78426

  • Provides support for the Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ)
  • Provides training for the research community during and post implementation of the TRAQ project 
  • Provides training for business process integration specific to research administration
  • Provides training for the finance community during implementation of Financial Reporting Project

Ingrid Gagnon, MA

Training Coordinator - Research Administration, TRAQ Project

613-533-6000, ext. 74491

  • TRAQ - ethics, biohazard and awards database 2nd level system support.
  • Database management and research funding reports from Queen's University Research Funding Database
  • Assistance with TRAQ Awards System and online grant applications, IT issues

Tom Herra, M.Sc.

Senior Business Analyst, TRAQ Project

613-533-6000, ext. 77433

  • Provides support in the administration of pre and post research funding activities
  • Provides support for the Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ) Project
  • Provides support for the Financial Reporting Project
  • TRAQ Researcher Portal - Ethics, Biohazards, Awards database system support

Traci Allen

Research Administration Assistant, TRAQ Project

613-633-6000, ext. 77315

  • The Project Manager is responsible for leading the planning and implementation of a phased, University-wide, electronic research administration project - the Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ) Project
  • In May 2013 the scope of Phase 2 (Research Financial Reporting) was increased to provide an enterprise wide financial reporting solution for the Queen's community and renamed the Financial Reporting Project. Millennium's Fast Administrative Support Tool (FAST) was the software chosen for implementation.

Jennifer Clark, MPA

Project Manager - Research Administration



Elizabeth Hendricks & Hafsa Naveed

The TRAQ project is committed to advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities at Queen’s University and we welcome your feedback. To let us know how we’re doing, you may wish to complete this Customer Service-Accessibility Feedback form. All accessibility related feedback goes to the Accessibility Coordinator in the Equity Office, who will follow up with you as appropriate. Alternatively, you can submit feedback by e-mail, mail, fax, and phone. Please refer to the online form for all contact details.