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Graduate Programs

Below is a comprehensive list of all Graduate Programs and certifications offered at Queen's University. Click on each of the program names for more detailed information. Why don't you also coordinate a campus visit with the programs graduate assistant.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Visit the Health Sciences Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
Aging and Health G.Dip, M.Sc., PhD
Biomedical & Molecular Sciences - Research Fields (Pattern I) M.Sc., PhD
Biomedical & Molecular Sciences - Anatomical Sciences (Pattern II) M.Sc. (Anatomical Sciences)
Biostatistics (Collaborative) M.Sc. (Specializing in Biostatistics)
Cancer Research (Collaborative) M.Sc., PhD (specializing in Cancer Research)
Combined Medicine with Graduate Research M.D./PhD, M.D./Master's
Epidemiology M.Sc., PhD
Healthcare Quality M.Sc. (HQ)
Neuroscience M.Sc., PhD
Nursing MNSc., MN(PHCNP), PhD
Occupational Therapy M.Sc.OT
Pathology & Molecular Medicine M.Sc., PhD
Physical Therapy M.Sc.PT
Public Health M.PH
Rehabilitation Science M.Sc., PhD

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Faculty of Arts and Science

Visit the Arts and Science Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
Art Conservation - Research Stream M.A.C.
Art Conservation - Treatment Stream M.A.C.
Art History M.A., PhD
Astrophysics & Astronomy M.Sc., PhD
Biology M.Sc., PhD
Chemistry M.Sc., M.A.Sc., PhD
Classics M.A.
Computing M.Sc., PhD
Cultural Studies M.A., PhD
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership M.E.E.R.L
Economics M.A., PhD
Economics - combined program with Law M.A. (Economics) & J.D. (Law)
Economics - Graduate Diploma in Risk Policy & Regulation Diploma
English M.A., PhD
Environmental Studies M.E.S., PhD
French Studies - not taking applications for 2016/17 academic cycle M.A., PhD
Gender Studies M.A.
Geological Sciences M.Sc., PhD
Geography M.A., M.Sc., PhD
Global Development Studies M.A.
History M.A., PhD
Industrial Relations M.I.R., M.I.R./JD
Professional Industrial Relations M.I.R.
Kinesiology & Health Studies M.A., M.Sc., PhD
Mathematics and Statistics M.Sc., PhD
Philosophy M.A., PhD
Physics M.Sc., PhD
Political Studies M.A., PhD
Political and Legal Thought (Collaborative) M.A. (specialization in Political and Legal Thought)
Psychology M.Sc., PhD
Religious Studies M.A.
Sociology M.A., PhD
Urban & Regional Planning M.PL.

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Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Visit the Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
ADMI - Advanced Design & Manufacturing Institute M.Eng.
Applied Sustainability (Collaborative) M.A.Sc., M.Eng. (specializing in Applied Sustainability)
Biomedical Engineering (Collaborative) M.A.Sc., PhD (specializing in Biomedical Engineering)
Chemical Engineering M.Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD
Civil Engineering M.Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD
Community Relations for the Extractive Industries Graduate Certificate
Electrical & Computer Engineering M.Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD
Engineering & Applied Physics ** M.A.Sc., PhD
Geo Engineering (Collaborative) M.A.Sc., PhD
Geological Engineering M.A.Sc., PhD
Mathematics & Engineering M.A.Sc., PhD
Mechanical & Materials Engineering M.Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD
Mining Engineering M.Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD
UNENE - Nuclear Engineering (University Network of Excellence) M.Eng.


** - Part of the Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Program

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Faculty of Law

Visit the Law Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
Law LLM, LLM (Specialising in Political & Legal Thought), PhD

Smith School of Business

Visit the Smith School of Business Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
Management M.Sc., PhD
Public Administration M.P.A., M.P.A./JD, P.M.P.A.

The Smith School of Business also provides additional graduate programs - MBA, Master of International Business, Master of Finance, Master of Management Analytics, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Graduate Diploma in Business, Graduate Diploma in Accounting.

Faculty of Education

Visit the Education Graduate Studies webpage

Program Degree / Diploma / Certificate
Education M.Ed., M.Ed. (AWIES), PhD
Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry (online) Diploma
Professional Master's in Education (online) PME

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