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Awards & Scholarships

Between internal and departmental awards, teaching and research assistantships, external scholarships and fellowships, our students receive nearly $25 million in total funding each year.

Our Ph.D. students receive a guaranteed minimum funding package of $18,000 a year with many departments setting higher funding minimums and almost all offering much higher average funding packages.  The majority of Master's students in research degree programs, also receive substantial funding support.

In addition to the information provided below, expanded details about Awards & Financial Assistance can be found in the Queen's University Graduate Calendar

Queen's Academic Excellence Awards

Queen's Academic Excellence Awards

The new Academic Excellence Awards (AEA) are one more way in which Queen’s University invests in Canada’s most talented graduate students. Valued at $15,000 for Masters students and $30,000 for PhD students entering their first year of study, the Academic Excellence Awards add to an already impressive $27 Million in merit-based Queen’s funding available to graduate students each year.

More details on eligibility and how to apply

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) promote excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels.  OGS awards are merit-based scholarships available to graduate students in all graduate disciplines in Ontario Universities.  Eligible students apply for OGS through each university where they may be enrolled in 2017-18.

Scholarship Value: $15,000 for one academic year, normally paid out in 3 equal installments.  The award is not renewable.

More information regarding the OGS program

CGS-M, CGS-D (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) and other external awards

Federal and Tri-Council Award

Students should apply for all scholarships and awards for which they are eligible and many apply in the fall prior to starting a graduate degree program. Check the agency websites for eligibility requirements and instructions about how to apply.

Queen's provides an automatic one-time top-up of $5000 (Master's) or $7,500 (PhD, increasing to $10,000 for those applying to start in 2016/17 academic year) to all incoming federal tri-council award winners who are entering Year 1 of a graduate degree program. 

Internal Awards

See Internal Awards in the Graduate Calendar.

Internal awards do not require an application from graduate students. Many of these awards are part of funding packages communicated when applicants receive an offer of admission. These awards include:

Queen's Graduate Awards

Many full-time graduate students are eligible to receive Queen's Graduate Awards as part of their funding packages. The QGA is administered by the School of Graduate Studies, based on recommendations from individual departments.

Departmental Awards

See Departmental Awards on the Graduate Calendar.

Most departments have internal awards and dedicated packages for students and almost all are based on academic merit. We recommend that you contact your department for the most up-to-date information.


See Fellowships on the Graduate Calendar.

Fellowships are based on academic merit and do not require an application from a graduate students.

Fellowships are established by university benefactors to lend additional financial support to our graduate students. Most fellowship nominations are adjudicated by the Fellowship Committee of the School of Graduate Studies through annual competitions. Others are administered by departments.

Fellowship awards range in value from several hundred dollars for one year to $40,000 for four years of doctoral study.

Travel Awards

Conference Travel Application - see your Department to apply for this award.

The Graduate Dean's Travel Grant for Doctoral Field Research

The Graduate Dean's Travel Grant for Doctoral Field Research provides financial support for doctoral students pursuing dissertation research at a considerable distance from Queen's. Awards will be made through a competition.  The maximum value of the award is $3,000. Graduate programs and Departments are sent details and application materials approximately 8 weeks prior to the annual competition deadline.

Tuition Awards & Scholarships for international students

International graduate students are financially supported through a combination of stipends, awards, bursaries and employment opportunities.

Ph.D. students receive a guaranteed minimum funding package of $18,000 a year with many departments setting higher funding minimums and almost all offering much higher average funding packages. This minimum does NOT include the International Tuition Award (or equivalent) valued at $5,000 that each incoming international PhD student automatically receives. Funding is guaranteed for 4 years as long as student remain in good academic standing. The majority of Master's students in research degree programs also receive substantial funding support.

Queen's also has entrance scholarships and fellowships available to international students who demonstrate academic excellence - eg. Principal's International Doctoral Award (PDF 23KB)

The Government of Ontario provides a number of the Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) (PDF 24KB) for highly qualified international Ph.D students and are valued at $40,000 per year for up to 4 years. Providing certain conditions are met five (5) OTS awards are granted each year.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS): Foreign students who are studying in Ontario under a temporary resident visa - student study permit, under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) are eligible for the allotted visa student awards.

Information about other sources of funding for international students can be obtained from:

American students who have access to Section 529 savings plans are eligible to utilize these resources while studying at Queen's.

International students can hold student loans that they may have secured through their home country. Please contact the appropriate student loan agency for further information.

Needs-Based & Other Funding

Student Awards in the Office of the University Registrar 

A variety of financial assistance programs are administered by the Student Awards Office to help students finance their Queen's education. Students can obtain need-based financial assistance such as bursariesawards or work programs. All programs are designed to supplement, not replace, a student's and their family's contributions.

Maternity-Parental Leave Funding

Effective January 2011, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) made available Maternity-Parental Leave Funding for doctoral students. These funds provide support to a new parent who takes a leave from full-time graduate study to start or expand their family.

The SGS will provide $5,000 to funding-eligible Ph.D. students who have been granted maternity or parental leave under the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulation

Ban Righ Centre - Financial Assistance

The Ban Righ Centre offers financial assistance to women. Please speak with our Student Advisors for details.

Please note: all bursaries and awards are assessed based on the financial need of applicants.

SGPS - Awards and Support

The SGPS and Queen's offer a number of award and support opportunities for graduate and professional students. Check out the scholarships, bursaries, grants, emergency student aid and other financial help opportunities available.