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Interviewing for Academia and mock Interviews

Part of the Expanding Horizons Workshop Series

Date: Wednesday, October 29
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Host: Dr Bahman Gharesifard (Math & Stats) & Dr Zsuzsa Csergo (Political Studies)
Venue: Gordon Hall, Rm 325A (Career Services)
Theme: Career Development

Learn how interviewing in academia is similar to and different from other job interviews. Practice a process for dealing with behaviour-based interview questions and staying focused when talking about your past experiences. Identify key messages about yourself that you want to communicate during an often multi-day interview event. Get tips on how to develop good questions, stand out from other candidates and give relevant evidence to support your strengths.

This workshop also provides students with the opportunity to see academic interviews  in action. Several graduate students who are on the job market will be interviewed for 15 minutes by faculty members in front of the workshop. These students have submitted in advance their cvs and cover letters applying for a position. Workshop faculty facilitators will then evaluate the interview in discussion with workshop participants. This open discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate's interview will offer valuable, practical tips and strategies on effective academic interviews.

If time permits, you could prepare for this workshop by reviewing the presentation notes on two previous workshops on academic CVs & cover letters and academic interviews.