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Payments By Mail (from outside Canada only)


Payments by mail are usually made by students living outside Canada. For those living in Canada, we recommend using other payment options. If you are sending a payment by mail, please allow extra time for mail delivery and processing to ensure the payment is posted to SOLUS by the due date.

Only money orders, or bank drafts payable to Queen's University (in Canadian or US funds only) will be accepted.

Please Note: US Postal Money Orders are NOT acceptable

Things to remember:

  • Include the student’s name and student number, so that we can post it to your SOLUS account
  • When mailing from United States or overseas, allow approximately 2-3 weeks, to ensure the payment can be posted to SOLUS by the due date
    (for more information, see Dates & Deadlines and Charges Due)
  • Do NOT postdate your cheque
  • Items returned by your financial institution - for any reason - will be subject to a $40.00 administration fee.

Send Payments to:

    Queen's University
    Office of the University Registrar (Records and Services)
    Room 125, Gordon Hall
    74 Union Street, Kingston, Ontario. K7L 3N6