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Visual Identity

The Queen's Logo

[image depicting the parts of the Queen's logo]

All elements of the Queen’s logo are essential in ensuring effective communication of the Queen’s image.

The coat of arms communicates the inherent history and tradition of Queen’s, while the word "Queen’s" creates a clear institutional link through the highly stylized personality of the Palatino typeface with the “swash-Q.” Finally, the word "University" ensures that all audiences clearly understand the educational setting of the institution.

Together, these elements create a clear and distinguishable visual image for Queen’s that is instantly recognizable.

The Wordmark

The Queen’s wordmark is one of the most distinguishable visual identifiers of Queen’s University. Developed in the early 1970s using the Palatino typeface, it was designed with the intention of creating a distinct personality for Queen’s in the written word.

The Queen’s wordmark is a consistent manner of presenting the name of the university to our audiences within the logo design. The wordmark features a distinctly drawn Q (“swash-Q”) and a lowered apostrophe, developed by Queen’s Marketing. The word “University” is set in Palatino using all capital letters.

This wordmark is treated as a distinct graphic element as letter spacing and distinctly drawn features require a consistent application. Use of the word “Queen’s” in the official Queen’s typeface is freely permitted.

The Digital Wordmark

In addition to the standard wordmark used in the Queen’s logo, there is an alternative, “digital” version of the wordmark found on many of Queen’s websites, usually in the utility bar.

[Queen's digital wordmark in Utility Bar]
Queen's digital wordmark in utility bar

The utility bar is standard on websites using Queen's content management system, WebPublish (for example, the Office of the Principal website). Similar versions exist on other websites created by University Marketing, such as Queen’s Gazette and The Isabel.

The digital wordmark should be included on any website that is owned and managed by Queen's faculties, departments, service units and programs. If your website is built outside of the WebPublish environment, the utility bar (which includes the digital wordmark) should be incorporated into the interface so that it aligns with Queen’s Visual Identity and maintains a consistent user experience within Queen’s larger web presence.

Unit Signatures

An individual school, faculty or unit may add a secondary typographic element to the Queen’s wordmark to create a more specific “unit signature”.

Unit signatures are reserved for print publications and electronic documents, with certain guidelines and restrictions on their use. Unit Signatures are not to be used in lieu of the Queen’s logo or digital wordmark on websites or web application.

The Queen’s wordmark may not be attached to any other type or graphic element other than the signatures described in the Visual Identity Guide.

As a general rule of thumb, it is always preferable to use the simplest (i.e. highest level) logo representation that will adequately communicate your identity as part of Queen’s.

Please consult the Visual Identity Guide (PDF, 5.6 MB) for direction on the approved use of logos, wordmarks and unit signatures. If you have any further questions, please contact University Marketing.