Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Through the Masters of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (MEERL) you will more confidently face the increasing complexity associated with developing and producing natural resources today and into the future. 


Program at a Glance    


Structure Part time, 20 months  |  80% online, 20% in-person
Start Date September 2018
Location Online - Flexible  |  In-person - Canada (Kingston, ON and Calgary, AB)
Tuition See Tuition and Fees page
Application Process Apply now  |  Application Deadline: July 15, 2018


Program Purpose    

The MEERL program is training the leaders of tomorrow in the natural resources industry. This program focuses on mineral and energy resources related to mining and oil & gas industries. 


See the Big Picture + Make Confident Decisions = Create Your Difference 


See the Big Picture

Understand the energy and mineral sectors from a global perspective. Discuss current and future challenges. Dive deep into four different perspectives for the resource life cycle: (1) Leadership & Management (2) Business & Economics (3) Stakeholder Engagement (4) Law & Policy, with science and engineering as your foundation.

Make Confident Decisions

Learn tools to synthesize information and assist in making decisions, such as strategic assessments and risk analyses.

Create Your Difference

Lead the change that you want to see and are passionate about in the resource industry.