Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

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Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
  • “Participation in this program shows that the person is willing to expand their thinking and take initiative.”    - Senior Partner, Global Minerals Executive Search Firm, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • “Never underestimate the value of the Queen’s brand.  Although the Queen’s Resources Leadership Program is new, the design promises to produce graduates that will excel in industry.  This is a great program, and what makes it truly unique is its perfect balance and strong integration of theory and practice”.     - President and CEO. Shale Petroleum Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
  • “This program will show students how to take a strategic approach and be ready for whatever is going to happen in 5 years – where the market is going, what the key influencers might be.  At the end of the day, we need to be competitive in a broader way and the integrated nature of this program will provide this to future leaders”.     - Vice President, Operations and Environment, Health and Safety , Spectra Energy
  • “What a great opportunity you have here – the curriculum design certainly covers the main areas one needs in minerals.”    - Manager, Barrick Gold Corporation, Toronto, Ontario
  • "“This program addresses the biggest gap I see in the performance of early career employees… the ability to synthesize and distill the critical aspects of project design and development, communicate clearly and evaluate risk while working collaboratively with other disciplines.  This program is designed to effectively address these skill gaps”.   Manager, Global Technical Services Company, Vancouver, British Columbia"
  • Want to see the big picture - Queen's University Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership