NEWTS Orientation

NEWTS stands for New, Exchange, and Worldly Transfer Students!

NEWTS Orientation and the 2020 NEWTS Committee (NC '20) are committed to welcoming all incoming BISC (Bader International Study Centre) and Transfer Students to Queen's in the fall! NC '20 has been hard at work all summer translating our regularly scheduled programming into an engaging remote transition period. We understand that student-run Orientation, and the community that it builds, is more important than ever, especially given the fact that many Queen's students will not be studying in Kingston this upcoming semester. Our primary objective is to build a community of incoming students that lasts!

What to Expect

As an incoming BISC or Transfer Student, you can expect to meet a whole lot of amazing people. In fact, NEWTS Orientation is the only entirely upper-year and interfaculty orientation at Queen's. That means you will have the opportunity to meet so many individuals you would have never met otherwise outside of NEWTS. Every year we welcome hundreds of students from every faculty at Queen's: ArtSci, Engineering, Commerce, Con-Ed, CompSci, Kin, Nursing, and HealthSci. You will be placed in a group of 10+ incoming students and 2+ orientation leaders (also known as Geckos) to experience NEWTS Orientation 2020. We hope to facilitate connection, bonding, and friendship above all!


Opens: Registration is now OPEN!

Deadline: Monday August 24th, 2020

Link to Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/queens-university-newts-orientation-2020-tic...

Registration costs $10 CAD; however, we do not want money to be the reason you cannot experience NEWTS Orientation 2020! Therefore, if you are in any circumstances where you are unable to afford the cost of registration please email Head Gecko Moe at newts@ams.queensu.ca for information about registration bursaries.


Contact Information

Have a question, reach out to our Head Gecko at newts@ams.queensu.ca


For more information, please visit our website: www.newtsorientation.ca