Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Research Leadership and Excellence

Supporting and Recognizing Leadership and Excellence

Queen’s supports a number of internal and external programs and opportunities to recognize the leadership and excellence of our faculty, including CRCs, sponsored chairs (NSERC/industry) and endowed/named chairs. We remain committed to these and to the development of a greater number of opportunities, including sponsored, endowed and named chairs.

However, in the face of budgetary constraints and shifting priorities, a number of internal supports for research leadership and excellence are proposed:

  • The Queen’s National Scholar (QNS) program, intended to enrich teaching and research in newly developing and traditional fields of knowledge, is particularly effective in support of early-mid-career researchers. Briefly suspended in 2009, the QNS program was reinstated in 2012, with the view that two new scholars will take post in 2013.[1]
  • We propose the establishment of a Leaders Research Fund to recognize emerging opportunities and timely developments in the research trajectories of mid-career researchers.  We propose that this fund replace the current Queen’s Research Chair (QRC) program to allow for a larger number of faculty members to compete for support at this critical career stage.
  • We propose the establishment of honorary Chancellors/University Professorships in recognition of a sustained and accomplished career in scholarly and research activities and in leadership in advancing the University’s research reputation. We propose that this recognition be held by current faculty.
  • For years, the Prize for Excellence in Research has been awarded to two researchers each year for major contributions while at Queen’s.  We propose that the number of Prizes be increased to up to five each year – one in each of the five fields of health sciences, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. We do not propose changes in the basic eligibility or criteria of this Prize.

[1] Principal Daniel Woolf announced the re-establishment of the QNS program at Senate, January 24, 2012.