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FAST Training Videos

FAST Financial Reporting – General Navigation (5:13 mins)

    This video tutorial introduces users to the general navigational features of FAST Financial Reporting tool.

      FAST Financial Reporting  – Pinned Reports (5:41 mins)

        This video tutorial introduces users to FAST Pinned Reports. Pinned reports are reports that were saved with specific filters, meaning that each time the user runs the report, the filters applied will be the same.

        FAST Financial Reporting - Dashboards (6:13 mins)

        In this video tutorial, users will learn how to create a dashboard, how to run a dashboard report, and how to create a dashboard report in FAST.

        FAST Financial Reporting – Statement of Operations-Non Research (9:59 mins)

        This video tutorial introduces the Statement of Operations – Non Research Report.  This report is an account level summary of opening surplus/deficit plus adjustments, current month actuals, year to date actuals, commitments, budget and closing surplus/deficit with and without commitments. The two most common uses of this report are 1) To view current year to date information for Actuals, Outstanding Commitments, Budget, Year to Date Variance, and Surplus/Deficit and 2) To perform the monthly reconciliation process to ensure that all transactions are accounted for.

        FAST Financial Reporting - Project Summary Report (5:37 mins)

        In this video tutorial, users will learn how to run the Project Summary Report. The Project Summary Report displays financial information, such as surplus/deficit, budget, revenue, expenses,

        Visit Millennium's website to watch training videos for FAST Financial Reporting including:

        • How to Use the Main Menu  
        • The Financial Statement
        • Document Details
        • The Operating Statement
        • Balance Sheet