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The Tools for Research @ Queen's Project Sponsor, Steven Liss (VP Research) is responsible for all high-level decisions relating to project scope, timeline, budget and policy.

TRAQ Phase 3 Steering Committee

(CV & Annual Reporting)


TRAQ Training Working Group

The TRAQ Training Working Group will provide feedback to the TRAQ Training Coordinator on training methods and tools as the TRAQ team implements Tools for Research at Queen’s (TRAQ). The working group will focus on the training needs of the Queen’s research community, identifying early adopters in the various units, and creating a community of trainers that provide feedback and support to one another. 

Ingrid Gagnon Training Coordinator - Research Administration, TRAQ Project
Tom Herra Senior Business Analyst – Research Administration, TRAQ Project
Pat Ambrose Help Desk Analyst - Research Administration, TRAQ Project
Erin Burnett Office of the University Veterinary
Natalie Kolomeitz-Douglas Office of the University Veterinary
Terena Grice Financial Support and Training Coordinator, Financial Services
Rylan Egan Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Shannon Hill Learning and Development Specialist, Human Resources
Barb de Haas Application Support Specialist, Advancement Technology Services
Natasha Redknap Web Services, IT Services
Necole Bresee Client Accounts & Projects, IT Services
Alison Cummings International Training Coordinator, QUIC
Jessica VanDusen Web Services, IT Services
Marlene Vukovich Training Lead, IT Services
Traci Allen Research Administration Assistant, TRAQ Project

Caroline Davis (VP Finance and Administration) and Steven Liss (VP Research) are co-sponsors for the Financial Reporting Project.

Financial Reporting Steering Committee

The Financial Reporting Steering Committee (FRSC) provides an integrated perspective and support for the implementation of a new finance reporting system for research, operating, trust, capital and endowment accounts at Queen’s, ensuring alignment with University objectives.  The Committee will focus on matters dealing with the financial reporting needs of the Queen’s community. Its membership comprises:

Karina McInnis (Co-Chair)

Executive Director, University Research Services

Heather Woermke (Co-Chair)

University Controller
Jennifer Clark (Facilitator)  Project Manager – Research Administration, TRAQ Project
Martin Galczynski Associate Director, Financial Reporting
Jennifer Mallon Associate Director, Research Accounting
Tim Almeida Assistant Director, Budget Planning & Budgeting
Steve Tanner  Director (Finance & Administration), Faculty of Engineering
Bob Minor  Research Data Analyst, URS
Leone Ploeg  Human Mobility Research Centre
Kelly Rake  Administrative Applications Coordinator ITS
Terry Black  Applications Coordinator, ITS Infrastructure
Kellie Hart 

Manager, Internal Audit (Designate: Michael Brown)

Michael Blennerhassett

Mark Kerr

Department of Medicine, Research Community Member

Queen's University Communications


Financial Reporting (FP) Evaluation Committee

Responsible for confirming reporting requirements, reviewing the contents of the RFP for “Financial and Research Reporting Software, Tools & Services” and evaluating the vendor submissions before a contract was negotiated with the highest scoring submission. Facilitators: Kelly McGarry and Eoin McDonald from Strategic Procurement Services.

Mary Purcell Director, Grants & Institutional Programs, URS
Roger Deeley Vice-Dean of Research, Health Sciences
Karina McInnis Executive Director, University Research Services
Heather Woermke University Controller, Financial Services
Jennifer Mallon Associate Director, Research Accounting
Martin Galczynski Associate Director, Financial Reporting
Megan Sheppard

Director, Budget & Analysis, Vice Provost (Planning & Budget)

Patrick Legresley

Business Manager, School of Business

Steve Tanner Director (Finance & Administration), Faculty of Engineering
Andy Hopper ITS Infrastructure
Kelly Rake

ITS Administrative Applications

Jennifer Clark

Project Manager - Research Administration - TRAQ Project

TRAQ Working Group

Members of the TRAQ Working Group include representatives of Queen’s University business units directly involved in the day-to-day planning and implementation of the purchased software modules and project team members from the vendor. The goal is to assist in problem solving and issue resolution. On a weekly basis, the Group will assess the status of each project phase by reviewing the list of the key accomplishments and top priorities for the coming week, and update and review any associated project risks.