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Health Posters Request Form

Calling all Residence Dons!! Interested in some relevant Health Promotion Posters?

The staff at Health Promotion along with some very creative student staff and volunteers have created some relevant health posters for you to select each month to put up on your floor.

What do I need to do and how will the posters find me?

Simply fill out the form below and select the posters you want for each month. Please note we give you a choice between two posters each month so you can decide what's best for your residents. Once we receive your request, we will print your posters and send them to Residence Life who will help us ensure they get into the right hands!

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Residence Floor:

Monthly Poster Selections


Alcohol Social Norms
NCHA Social norms
Standard Drink Sizes
Don Poster Standard Drink


Sleep Vampires
Don Poster Sleep Vampire
Sleepy Residence Room
Res Sleep Room


Learn How to Say No
Learn to say no Don Poster 2016-2017
Why Get the Flu Shot
Flu Don Poster 2016-2017


15 Days of Exams Health ChallengeWill you take the 15 days of exams health challenge?


Healthy New Year's Resolutions
New Years Resolution
Smoke-Free Help
Don Poster Smoke Free


No Wrong Way to Have a Body
Don Poster Body Image
How to Help a Friend
Don Poster How to help a friend


Re-Charge Your Brain
Option 2 Recharge your brain
Simple Self-Care Strategies
Self Care Stress


Settling Back in at Home
Transition Home

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