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Student Wellness Services

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Peer Health Educator Workshops 

Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are available to run workshops on a variety of health topics. All of the workshops are free, with the exception of the Food That Makes Cents workshop (which is $5 for participants, which covers the cost of the meal).

Here is a list of the workshops offered by the PHEs:

Note: all workshops have undergone a complete overhaul this summer, so enjoy the new and improved options!

Creative Cafeteria:

After a few months, the cafeteria food may be getting a little boring. This workshop will help your floor make the best out of the cafeteria food and educate on how to stay healthy with an all you care to eat mentality.

Food That Makes Cents:

Want to become the next master chef? This workshop will bring you one step closer to achieving that goal! Students will be able to cook healthy and inexpensive meals in our Food That Makes Cents kitchen and take a break from the cafeteria for the night!
*There is a $5 fee per person for this workshop.

Creating Perspectives:

In collaboration with Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC) and the Peer Support Centre (PSC), Peer Health Educators will help lead a workshop on mental health awareness and anti-stigma education to your floor. This workshop will include a variety of activities, discussion and a guest speaker.

Sexology 101:

Peer Health Educators will give your floor the sex talk with this fun Jeopardy-style workshop. Myths will be dispelled on topics like sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives and everything else down there!


Who doesn’t love a fun game of BINGO? This workshop will test your knowledge of alcohol safety and bust away the myths associated with alcohol at Queen’s. Students will have the chance to win some cool prizes and make some fun posters for their floor. 

Keep Calm and Self-Care On:

This workshop introduces students to the importance of self-care and provides some tips on how to manage stress throughout university. Through stretching, deep breathing and meditation, students will be able to clear their mind and relax during this interactive 45 minute session.

Bust Your Stress Away:

Are students on your floor feeling a little stressed? Then book a Bust Your Stress Away workshop! Peer Health Educators will visit your floor with a variety of stress busting activities for your floor to have fun with. This workshop is customizable depending on the interests of your floor, but some of the items we include are colouring books, board games, cards, bracelet making, hacky sack and more! The more people at this workshop, the more fun it is, so invite a few floors in your building to come too!

Moving Out 101:

Is it almost time to move out of residence? PHEs are here to help ease any anxiety circulating around your floor! This workshop will help prepare students for moving out of residence and learn more about what it’s like to live with roommates, bills to pay, mouths to feed and more responsibilities! 

 To book a workshop, please visit the "Request a Workshop" section on this page. For more information on any of these workshops, please contact Lauren Armstrong, Peer Health Outreach Coordinator, at