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University Orientation

If you are a first year student living in an on-campus residence, University Orientation is how you will be spending your first few days at Queen’s University!

University Orientation runs from September 4th to September 6th, 2016. Throughout these three days you, your Don, and your floor, will have the opportunity to participate in many activities and events that will introduce you to your home away from home: Queen’s.

During University Orientation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get settled into your room
  • Get to know your floor and make some amazing friends
  • Learn about the resources and clubs available on campus
  • Participate in fun events, such as casino night, carnival night, and so much more

We are so excited to welcome you to Queen’s University as the Class of 2020!

Please note that University Orientation is a part of living in residence and no registration is necessary! 

After University Orientation, students have the opportunity to participate in Faculty Orientation. Learn more about faculty orientation.