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Student Conduct

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Student Non-Academic Misconduct Statistics

Student non-academic misconduct (NAM) statistics are reported annually to the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Trustees and are publicly provided below. Note that each incident of reported misconduct may have multiple violations under one type of misconduct or may constitute a violation under more than one type of misconduct. Additionally more than one student may be involved in each incident reported. 

Interim Statistics

The table below identifies the types of incidents and student involvement for all incidents that were referred by the Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Office to the various non-academic misconduct units for the reporting period of September 1 to December 31, 2016.

Classification of Misconduct  Incidence  Students Responsible*
Abuse of Process 
May include: violations of Notice of Prohibition, failure to comply with NAM process, breach of Behavioural Contract, breach of No Contact agreement
1 2 2
Aiding in the Commission of an Offence
May include:encouraging or aiding others to commit an offence
1 3 3
Alcohol/Drug Use 
May include: contravention of liquor laws or university policies related to alcohol and/or narcotics 
26 36 33
Failure to Comply
May include: Disruption of events/activities/normal university operations, non-compliance with university officials/authorized agents
20 21 15
False Information
May include: providing false information and/or identification
3 8 5
Physical/Verbal/Written Aggression
May include: assault, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, cyberbullying, hazing
25 49 28
Policy Contravention
May include: violation of university/authorized agent policy, rule or procedure
12 13 9
Property Misuse
May include: damages, tampering with fire/safety equipment, theft
13 23 20
Reputational Damage
Examples: Detrimental to the University's reputation or goodwill in the community
2 3 1
Sexual Violence
May include: unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature, sexual assault allegations, sexual harassment 
4 8 6
May include: rooftop access, unauthorized access to Residence halls 
6 8 8

For more information on the various types see Types of Non-Academic Misconduct


The primary approach of NAM sanctions is to be educational and will be appropriate to the conduct involved in each incident. More than one sanction may be applied for any violation of the Code of Conduct.

Sanction Imposed* Number
Apology 1
Behavioural Bond 14
Behavioural Contract 5
Educational Assignment 78
Loss of Privilege 24
Monetary Find 5
No Contact 4
Notice of Prohibition 2
Restitution 1
University or Community Service 4
Written Warning 24


*Findings of Responsible and Sanction Imposed will be updated once cases that are still in the investigation process have been closed. 

Note - These numbers do not include: minor violations of misconduct by a Student-Athlete or an Intramural Sport Program Participant in a sport-related context; Residence Level 1 or 2 violations that are handled by the Residence conduct system.