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School of Policy Studies, Queen's University - Policy Speaker Series
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WInter Term 2014:

Peter MacLeod
The Politics of Public Imagination: Reinventing public consultation at MASS LBP (27 March 2014)

Kevin Costante
Confessions of a Deputy Minister (20 March 2014) 

Justice Stephen Goudge
Public Inquiries: A useful policy vehicle?  (13 March 2014)

Maj. Christian Breede
The Idea Index: Measuring and Comparing the State of an Idea (6 March 2014) 

Graham Fraser
Linguistic duality in the federal Public Service and the case for immersion education in post-secondary institutions (27 February 2014)

Warren Mabee
A Changing Climate for Canadian Energy (13 February 2014)

Hugh Segal 
A New National Security Culture: A Time to Lead (31 January 2014)

Margaret BIggs 
International Development as Foreign Policy: A Zero Sum Game? (23 January 2014)

Alan Broadbent
The Three I’s of Policy: Intentionality, Instruments, and Investment (16 January 2014)

Deb Stark
Lessons from the Farm: Agriculture policy in Ontario (10 January 2014)

Fall Term 2013:

Kim Nossal
Charlie Foxtrot: The F-35 and Canada's National Fighter Procurement Program (29 November 2013)

Elizabeth May 
In the assault on Evidence-based decision-making, the first casualty is truth, the second is the professional civil service (7 November 2013)

Mary Janigan
How an understanding of yesterday's resource battles can guide us through today's perilous energy disputes (31 October 2013) 

Wael Haddara
Between Scylla and Charybdis:  A year in the Egyptian Presidency (24 October 2013)

Alison Smith
All You Need to Know in 90 Seconds: Public Policy in the News (18 October 2013) 

Victor Rabinovitch
What China Learned from Canada about Identity (and what we may be forgetting)  (10 October 2013)

Nancy Austin
Balancing Competing Human RIghts Claims in a Diverse Society  (3 October 2013)

John Smol
The Diminishing Role of Science in Policy Decisions (26 September 2013)

Tom Courchene
Surplus Recycling and the Canadian Federation: Addressing Horizontal and Vertical Fiscal Imbalances (19 September 2013)

Rick Whittaker
International Influences on Canada’s Energy Choices: Context for Policy Development (13 September 2013)



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