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  • Smokey Thomas

    "The Future of Unions in a Difficult Economic Environment" (26 April 2012)

  • Hugh Segal

    "Prophylactic Diplomacy: Why the Commonwealth Matters" (30 March 2012)

  • Kathryn Mohrmann-Watson

    "The Human Side of Downsizing in the Canadian and Ontario Public Service" (15 March 2012)

  • John Adams

    "Cyber-Terrorism: The Consequences for Public Policy" (8 March 2012)

  • Don Drummond

    "Public Services for Ontarians: A Path to Sustainability and Excellence" (1 March 2012)

  • Danielle Labonté

    "Engaging with Multiple Stakeholders: Arctic Science and Policy" (16 February 2012)

  • Robert Wolfe

    "Has China reshaped the global trading system? What the PM can do next week in Beijing" (2 February 2012)

  • Munir Sheikh

    "Reforming Ontario's Social Assistance Program: An Update" (19 January 2012)

  • Udloriak Hanson

    "What's happening in the Canadian North - an Inuit Perspective" (13 January 2012)

  • Jennifer Stoddart

    "Role of the Commissioner's Office and Privacy Policy in a Technological Age" (12 January 2012)

  • Alan M. Jacobs

    "Policy-making for the Long-term: When Do Democratic Governments Invest in the Future?" (1 December 2011)

  • Michel de Salaberry

    "Middle East: Spring or Autumn?" (24 November 2011)

  • Victor Rabinovitch

    "A Worldwide Revolution in Museums: Changing Roles, Challenges and Urban Impacts" (17 November 2011)

  • Katherine Hewson

    "Two Pianos, Four Hands: Federal - Provincial Immigration Policy in Ontario" (10 November 2011)

  • David Walker

    "Grandad is in the ER - What's wrong with that? (Orienting a health system to care for an aging population)" (4 November 2011)

  • Les Linklater

    "Immigration in Canada: A Classic "Wicked Problem" in Public Policy" (27 October 2011)

  • Special Panel Discussion

    "Ontario's Election Results: What Matters" (14 October 2011)

  • Lori Sterling

    "Ontario's Approach to Aboriginal Relationships, Reconciliation, and Socio-Economic Progress" (7 October 2011)

  • Janet Hiebert

    "Can Parliament Protect Rights? The U.K. Experience" (29 September 2011)

  • Tom Courchene

    "Turning Points in Canada's Post-war Policy Evolution" (22 September 2011)

  • Munir Sheikh

    "The Census of Canada: Some Personal Views" (17 September 2011)

  • Naomi Alboim

    "Confessions of a Policy Wonk" (8 September 2011)

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