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Queen's University

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  • Peter Sylvester

    "Getting Better Traction on the Road to Sustainability: Are we Spinning our Wheels with the Federal Environmental Assessment Process in Canada" (17 February 2011)

  • Hugh Segal

    "A Twin Freedoms Based Foreign and Defence Policy" (20 January 2011)

  • Tony Penikett

    "Arctic Governance, Aboriginal Land Claims, and Devolution" (9 December 2010)

  • Ian Wilson

    "Information Culture - Key to Public Service Renewal" (3 December 2010)

  • Wayne Wouters

    "The Public Service: Accomplishments, Challenges and Opportunities. Views from a Member of the Alma Mater" (26 November 2010)

  • Peter Harrison

    "Arctic and Northern Dimensions of World Issues: Reflections on the 2010 Canada-UK Colloquium" (19 November 2010)

  • Don Drummond

    "Reflections on the State of Policy Analysis in Canada" (12 November 2010)

  • Peter Milliken

    "The Speaker in a Minority Government" (15 October 2010)

  • Helen Cooper

    "Why Municipal Goverments Matter" (14 October 2010)

  • Colin Robertson

    "From Obama-mania to Teaparty: What's happening in the US and what does it mean for Canada?" (12 October 2010)

  • Louis Delvoie

    "Afghanistan: Getting Out" (7 October 2010)

  • Craig McFayden

    "Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Federation: The Next Frontier of Intergovernmental Policy Making?" (30 September 2010)

  • Tom Courchene

    "The End of the American Dream: Where has all the Greatness gone?" (23 September 2010)

  • Munir Sheikh

    "The Census of Canada: Some Personal Views" (17 September 2010)

  • Naomi Alboim

    "Confessions of a Policy Wonk" (16 September 2010)

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