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Queen's University

Canadian Economic and Financial Policies:
Where to from here?

March 4, 2010


David Dodge


David A. Dodge

Chancellor, Queen's University,
and Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones, LLP



The purpose of this talk is to explore what might be the evolution of Canadian economic policies over this new decade with a particular emphasis on budgetary policies of the federal and Ontario governments. Canada begins this decade in the early stages of emerging from a severe recession during which federal and provincial governments are running large fiscal deficits and accumulating large amounts of additional public debt. Moreover, on the basis of the mid to longer term economic outlook and current policies of the federal and provincial governments, the underlying total fiscal position of governments (federal plus provincial) is projected to deteriorate over the decade ahead.


School of Policy Studies, Robert Sutherland Hall
Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.3020