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Queen's University

Medial Plan:  SPAN-A 

Building in ArgentinaStudents are strongly encouraged to speak to a faculty advisor regarding their Plan at the beginning of each academic year. Please contact the Department  for the name of the appropriate advisor.

The Plan consists of 42.0 units in SPAN-A (in combination with a Medial Plan in another subject) to total 114.0 units, which will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree.  Students will obtain an advanced Spanish language proficiency, survey courses on Spain/Latin America, and can choose from a variety of literature and culture courses on either Spain or Latin America.

Courses in the Medial Plan are divided into language courses (SPAN P10/3.0, SPAN 112/3.0 (or SPAN 101/6.0), SPAN 204/3.0, SPAN 205/3.0 (or SPAN 201/6.0), SPAN 301/3.0, SPAN 302/3.0 (or SPAN 303/3.0 and SPAN 304/3.0)), survey courses on Spain/Latin America (SPAN 351/3.0; SPAN 352/3.0; SPAN 380/3.0; SPAN 381/3.0 (or SPAN 251 or SPAN 261)) and students can choose from a variety of literature, film and culture courses on either Spain or Latin America (SPAN).

6.0 units from IDIS 200/6.0 or IDIS 201/6.0 is acceptable for credit toward fulfilling the requirements of this program.

Up to 6.0 units in ITLN may be substituted if SPAN P10/3.0 and SPAN 112/3.0 (or SPAN 101/6.0), is not included in the Plan.

Students entering with previous knowledge of Spanish and placing out of specific language courses may replace those units with literature, film and/or culture courses.


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