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Queen's University

Major Plan - SPAN-M-BAH

Cervantes Statue, Toledo, SpainThe Major Plan consists of 60.0 units in SPAN.  Students will obtain fluent proficiency in the Spanish lanaguage along with a variety of courses on Spain/Latin America's literature, film and culture. The Major Plan, alone or in combination with a Minor in another subject, and sufficient electives, totaling 114.0 units will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree.

Courses in the Major Plan are divided into language (SPAN P10/3.0 and SPAN 112/3.0 (or SPAN 101/6.0), SPAN 204/3.0 and SPAN 205/3.0 (or SPAN 201/6.0), SPAN 301/3.0 and SPAN 302/3.0 (or SPAN 303/3.0 and SPAN 304/3.0), and SPAN 401/3.0 and SPAN 402/3.0, survey courses on Spain and Latin America (SPAN 351/3.0; SPAN 352/3.0; SPAN 380/3.0; SPAN 381/3.0 (or SPAN 251/6.0 and SPAN 261/6.0), culture courses (SPAN 247/3.0 and SPAN 248/3.0), and a variety of literature and film (SPAN) courses. 

6.0 units from IDIS 200/6.0 or IDIS 201/6.0 is acceptable for credit toward fulfilling the requirements of this program.

Up to 6.0 units in ITLN may be substituted if SPAN P10/3.0 and SPAN 112/3.0 (or SPAN 101/6.0), is not included in the Plan. 

Students entering with previous knowledge of Spanish and placing out of specific language courses may replace those units with literature, film and/or culture courses.

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