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Ashley Vanstone - new SGS graduate counsellorSGS on site Counsellor

Graduate studies provide opportunities for exciting new challenges and experiences. However, there are times when it can seem overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, lonely or distressed, you do not need to handle it alone.  The School of Graduate Studies has an embedded counsellor who provides individual counselling services to graduate students, group programs, and will host mental health & wellness events.  

Please note that this counselling service is part of the Health Counselling and Disability Services and adheres to strict standards of confidentiality. Your counselling records will not be shared with anyone unless you give specific consent for release of your information.

About the Counsellor

Ashley Vanstone - he is committed to creating a supportive and non-judgmental space in which clients can express themselves with candor and think creatively about positive solutions to the issues they are facing.

How to Access Counselling Services at Queen’s

To book a counselling appointment, call 613-533-2136 (32136). This is a dedicated phone line and has confidential voicemail.  

An appointment will be booked with Ashley Vanstone or you may request a different counsellor. All services are strictly confidential.

What is Thesis Persistence 101?

  • It can be hard to carve out consistent and uninterrupted time for thesis work, especially if there are multiple demands on our time. Also, working in isolation can be…. Isolating.
  • Thesis Persistence helps harness the power of a group: Commit to attending weekly writing sessions with other grad students who are feeling the same need as you are. You’ll find it easier to protect this time, even if the rest of your life gets busy. A little positive peer pressure goes a long way!
  • The structure of the program – three hours of uninterrupted time – makes it an ideal context to practice effective goal setting and to develop personal insight into your writing process. We provide some brief pointers about these topics at the beginning of session, although this “teaching” part of the program is kept minimal so you have as much writing time as possible.
  • Thesis Persistence is appropriate to students at all stages of the research and writing process. Participants are asked that their work be thesis-related, but the particular tasks you choose could vary depending on how your project evolves.
  • If you’re interested and can commit to weekly sessions, why not check it out? Past participants have found it an excellent way to increase motivation and make the process more enjoyable. 

Contact: Ashley at for more details