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Restriction of Thesis

The student may, at the time of submitting the thesis for completion of degree requirements, request that the thesis be restricted. If the restriction request is granted then the archival copy of the thesis will not be submitted to QSpace, Library and Archives Canada, or Proquest, and copies of the thesis held by the School of Graduate Studies will not be bound, microfilmed, or deposited in any library.

A restriction request will be granted where:

(a) the student provides justifiable reasons for the request (such reasons may include the need to protect rights to commercial publication, to apply for a patent arising from the research, or to honour contractual obligations owed to third parties); and

(b) the student’s supervisor[1] confirms in writing that he or she assents to the restriction of the thesis.

In the event that the supervisor does not assent to the restriction of the thesis the restriction request may nonetheless be granted, unless the supervisor provides justifiable reasons for withholding his or her assent.

The decision to grant or deny the restriction request shall be made by the Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

If the restriction is granted the duration of the restriction shall be five (5) years, with immediate and automatic release to QSpace, Library and Archives Canada, and Proquest, at the end of the restriction period. Students may release their thesis from restriction earlier than 5 years by informing the School of Graduate Studies that the restriction may be lifted.

The author’s name, thesis title and thesis abstract (also known as the thesis metadata) shall be available for all restricted theses through the usual online databases throughout the duration of the restriction. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may contact the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies to request restriction of the metadata information for the duration of the thesis restriction. Confirmation must be received from the student’s supervisor that he/she agrees to the restriction of the metadata information before the School of Graduate Studies will process the metadata information restriction. 

[1] The supervisor is the faculty member designated as the supervisor at the time of the oral thesis examination. When a student has more than one supervisor, the supervisor(s) responsible for certifying that any required revisions have been made to the thesis after the oral thesis examination, shall be the supervisor(s) who must confirm agreement to the thesis restriction. 

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