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A portrait of success- PhD student Linda Grussani named curator of Aboriginal art at the Canadian Museum of History

A portrait of success

PhD student Linda Grussani named curator of Aboriginal art at the Canadian Museum of History

By Anne Craig

A creative upbringing and a passion for art have helped Linda Grussani land the job of a lifetime.

The PhD candidate (Cultural Studies) was recently named the Aboriginal art curator at the Canadian Museum of History.


Studying human-lion relations with the help of a Vanier Scholarship

Sandra McCubbin

Sandra McCubbin

By Natalia Mukhina, July 2016

Sandra McCubbin, a PhD candidate in Geography, looks happy and excited. One of the 2016 recipients of a prestigious Vanier Scholarship, she is inspired by the fact that her research will be supported by such a powerful award. To carry out her research, Sandra will need to cover a distance of almost 13,000 km, making a long trip to Africa. There, in Botswana, she will spend about eight months studying human-lion relations.   


SGS Habitat Featured Articles: Double Duty

Article by Karl Hardy


“It’s a real challenge that today’s job market demands experience in your field from the very start,” says Tabitha Renaud, a PhD candidate in the department of History here at Queen’s.

Alongside her graduate studies, Tabitha has been a longtime volunteer with the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites (KAM), where she has sat on the Board of Directors for three years and served as President of this association for 2015-6. Through KAM she works with Kingston’s 30 museums, galleries and historic sites on all sorts of exciting collaborative projects that benefit cultural heritage for the people of Kingston and the wider world.


A Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship recipient invited to the Queen’s Scholar Dinner

Alumna Homy Dayani-Fard

Attendees of the Queen Elizabeth Scholars Dinner

July, 2016
By Deni Ogunrinde

After working in the field of disability rehabilitation for almost seven years, Atul Jaiswal felt compelled to upgrade his knowledge base in disability-oriented research. Looking across the globe for opportunities to do so, Atul became a recipient of the prestigious ‘Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Diamond Jubilee Scholarship’, which allowed him to take on doctoral research in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy here at Queen’s University.


Vanier Scholar - Jane Thomson

Jane Thomson

By Anthony Pugh, June 2016

“I have always been interested in legal reform”, says Jane Thomson, a PhD student in Law and a 2016 recipient of a prestigious Vanier Scholarship. Previously a family lawyer in Toronto and Ottawa, her research at Queen’s now focuses on how to affect progressive legal reform using private law doctrines


Amanda Timmers: Women’s Health Scholar Award Recipient

Amanda Timmers

By Adenike Ogunrinde, June 2016

Amanda Timmers is a gracious young woman, a passionate PhD candidate in Psychology at Queen’s University, and a recent recipient of the distinguished Women’s Health Scholar Award. Amanda’s research focuses on sexual psychophysiology. Her dissertation is focused, more specifically, on investigating the determinants of sexual arousal patterns in men and women, and exploring the associated physiological changes that occur. Amanda’s research also involves following women across their menstrual cycles to determine if there are corresponding variations in sexual responding.