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Congratulations Rob Baker

Last night at the Kingston Branch of the Queen’s University Alumni Association, Rob Baker (Tragically Hip) was honoured with the Padre Laverty Award for outstanding service to Queen’s and the Kingston community.

As Kingston Branch President, Lee Wetherall says, “Rob Baker may be a famous rock star but he has never forgotten his Kingston and Queen’s roots.”

Of course the School of Graduate Studies and graduate students both at Queen’s and throughout Ontario, have had the opportunity to meet Rob, as he was more than happy to be a judge at the inaugural Ontario 3 Minute Thesis competition held at Queen’s last year and again at McMaster this year.

On behalf of all graduate students and schools, congratulations Rob.


Visiting Civil Engineering Master's Student

Bright blue waters and white sand beaches – that is the image that comes to mind for most people when they think of the Caribbean.  Most people never consider the plastic disposal problems and the environmental challenges the region faces. Mandy St. Rose, however, is not most people. A visiting Master’s student in Civil Engineering, Mandy has come to Queen’s to investigate solutions for the ever-pressing problem of plastic refuse littering the streets and waterways of third world nations.


Tian Lu - Recipient of the Brian Yealland Community Leadership Award

henTian walks into the room she is carrying a towering stack of first year engineering exams. It is the end of the semester, which means copious marking to do and tight deadlines that need to be upheld. Yet, Tian acknowledges the work with a sigh and a smile telling me that she has to be generous when marking because she knows the questions are difficult and the students are stressed.


Heat 2 doesn't let us down

The four students from heat 2 that will go through to the final of the 3 Minute Thesis competition on Wednesday, April 9th are:

  • Michelle van de Pouw Kraan – Geological Engineering
  • Lorraine van Zon - Education
  • Jasmin Ma – Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • Sima Zakani – Mechanical & Materials Engineering.

Venue: Kinesiology & Health Studies Building

Room: 101

Starting at : 5pm