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Maggie Walsh

Master's Industrial Relations

Cornell or Queen's?

maggie walsh

Maggie Walsh

by Karen Richardson

An offer from her home state of New York at Cornell University was not enough to entice Maggie Walsh to stay-instead she chose Queen's. She will soon be graduating with her BComm from Queen's, and will enter the Master of Industrial Relations (MIR) program in September.

"With my degree, being American I can go home - the degree is recognized in the States or in Canada. Queen's itself is recognized internationally, so my BComm degree plus the MIR program will be very beneficial."

Why did she choose Queen's? "I chose Queen's for the reputation it has in Canada - for the MIR program first of all. The course work really fits in to what I've done in my undergrad - so it's a strong fit between my interests and what the program offers."

She was also drawn to the fact that the MIR program is one year, as well as the tuition. "The real selling point for me was their placement afterwards. The majority of students from the program are placed or have a job afterwards, or at least quite a few job prospects."

While Queen's is still slightly bigger than her home town in the Watertown/upstate New York area, Walsh feels very much at home here.

"Queen's as a whole feels like a community, but there is really a kind of a close-knit, family feel for each of the programs within the BComm and now going into MIR. Even though there is 15-20,000 students on campus, it's really not overwhelming with people or the feeling that you are stuck in a crowd. You can make a place for yourself here."

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