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Kyle Larson

Ph.D Geological Sciences

Conducting Research from the Rooftop of the World

kyle larson with a rock display

Kyle Larson

Growing up in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Kyle Larson was utterly captivated by the mountains that rose almost literally from his backyard. Little did he know that this childhood passion would one day take him to the rooftop of the world.

A PhD student in Geological Science, Kyle's research has sent him far from our Kingston campus to the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, where he can study the growth of these immense and awe-inspiring geological formations, up close and personal.

Kyle's research in Tibet focuses on the ongoing growth of the Himalayas - how they continue to form and evolve, every day. These actively growing mountains offer Kyle and his team an excellent natural laboratory, allowing him to investigate geological processes in action unlike anything possible in the classroom.

His research is part of a modern paradigm shift in the understanding of how mountains actually grow, studying the involvement and distribution of viscous molten magma as tectonic plates collide and react with each another. The dynamics of this fiery material is now believed to play a fundamental role in the formation of mountains. Kyle's research is helping to literally rewrite the books on how geologists believe our planet was formed, and how it continues to grow.

Queen's international reputation and the quality of the faculty were the deciding factors in Kyle' s decision to choose Queen's to pursue his graduate studies. "They are always pushing you to excel," he says. With that kind of motivation behind him, there's no limit to the heights Kyle's exploration will take him.

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