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Electronic Submission to QSpace

This process should only take you about 10 minutes. In order for the submission to go smoothly make sure to be prepared with the following:

If you haven't already done so, please take this opportunity to STOP and complete a final check (165 KB) before submitting to QSpace.

  • PDF - A PDF copy of the FINAL revised thesis ready to be uploaded to QSpace(the PDF copy must NOT be password protected)
  • NETID - You can only submit your thesis by using your Queen's Student NETID and password. If you don't remember what it is, please click on NETID and follow the directions provided.
  • ABSTRACT - You will be required to include a copy of your Abstract in the submission process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your thesis is approved by the Graduate School and you have NOT selected the option to "restrict from publication", your thesis will be available on QSpace worldwide within minutes. Make sure that the PDF you are submitting is the CORRECT one. There is no going back and re-submitting because you have found an error.

E-Thesis Submission:

  1. Log into QSpace
  2. Follow the instructions on the submission screens.
  3. QSpace automatically alerts the Thesis Coordinator of the School of Graduate Studies when your thesis has been successfully submitted.
  4. The Thesis Coordinator will review the formatting of the thesis. Notification will be sent to your Queen's email EITHER accepting the thesis OR rejecting the thesis, with instructions for required formatting corrections.
  5. Once formatting has been corrected, the revised thesis must be resubmitted through the above link.

Exceptions to submission of an electronic copy of the thesis via the E-Thesis submission process outlined above, will be made by the School of Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis. If it is decided that no electronic copy can be submitted, one paper copy revised as recommended by the Thesis Examining Committee and finally approved by the supervisor/committee must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in fulfillment of degree requirements.

A note from your supervisor stating that required corrections to the thesis have been made must be submitted before the School of Graduate Studies will accept the electronic thesis submission. This note may be emailed to

Rose M. Silva, Thesis Coordinator
613-533-6000, x77313
School of Graduate Studies
Queen's University
Gordon Hall, Rm 425
Kingston, Ont. CANADA
K7L 3N6