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From Alumni - Time & Experience

Read what some of our alumni have to say about their time at Queen's and what they are doing now.

Photo of Melanie Adams CioabaMelanie Adams-Cioaba
Queen's equipped me to hit the ground running.
Photo of Sarah BrisbinSarah Brisbin
Worming her way into Med School
Photo of Paul CareyPaul Carey
Environmental Studies
Grad studies allowed me to follow my passion
Photo of Erin ArthursErin Arthurs
Researcher mines 20 years of data
Photo of Lori StewartLori Stewert
Industrial Relations
Full circle - alumnist giving back
Photo of Elsa HansonElsa Hansen
Math & Engineering
From theory to experiment at Harvard
Photo of Joe NashedJoe Nashed
Choosing a unique career path
Photo of Yoon Kwon & Lee RosenYoon Kwon & Lee Rosen
Occupational Therapy
OT is emerging as a unique field in Canada
Photo of Catherine BrandonCatherine Brandon
Occupational Therapy
Life is not a case study. What she does impacts lives
Photo of Doug RichardsonDoug Richardson
Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Looked for a sign, but it was anything but subtle
Photo of Amy HewittAmy Hewitt
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Double celebrations for this graduate
Photo of Erin ThompsonErin Thompson
Physical Therapy
A chance encounter helped her decide
Photo of Karen BlairKaren Blair
Alumna's research keeps on giving
Photo of Katherine LaunierKatherine Launier
Public Health
MPH to Aboriginal & Global Health Research
Photo of Stefanie StuartStefanie Stuart
Public Health
A Passion for Health Equity
Photo of Alexa MazzarelloAlexa Mazzarello
Public Health
Taking the opportunities that come to you
Photo of Claudia Von ZweckClaudia Von Zweck
Rehabilitation Science
Who says you cant have a full time job and study!
Photo of Kyle Gonyou Kyle Gonyou
Urban & Regional Planning
Winner of Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Award 
Photo of Sarah BinghamSarah Bingham
Urban & Regional Planning
An experiment in planning & tanning.
Photo of Pamela SweetPamela Sweet 
Urban & Regional Planning
The importance of a notable degree