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Off Campus Response: Noise Issues

Queen's Campus Security and Emergency Services provides a point of contact for residents living in the areas surrounding the university to quickly resolve noise issues in the off-campus area. 

What is the Goal of the Off Campus Response Program?

To ease tensions between students and their neighbours. This program also aims to relieve the demand on city resources which these issues often create. By providing students with a notification and reminder about noise issues, it is hoped that they will choose to bring the situation to within acceptable community standards prior to the need for Police or By-law Enforcement.

How Does It Work?

Campus Security and Emergency Services responds to calls from the community regarding noise related issues, at addresses suspected to be student housing.  CSES staff will attempt to identify the tenants of the address and advise them of the issue and the specific municipal by-laws that may be in violation.

Who Should Call?

Residents who have concerns about noise in their neighbourhood which they believe to be created by members of the university community can contact Campus Security and Emergency Services through the Community Hotline at 613-533-2922.

Can I Make an Anonymous Report?

While we do not accept anonymous complaints, callers can be assured their identity will not be revealed to anyone at the residence in question. Your identity will not be released to anyone outside of our department without your prior consent.

What Actions Will You Take?

Members of Campus Security and Emergency Services will respond to these calls by visiting the location of the noise and speak to the tenants, advising them of the nature of the complaint. The Security staff will be available to discuss the City of Kingston Noise By-law as well as expectations for student behaviour while off-campus.

What Happens If They Don't Comply?

In those cases, Campus Security and Emergency Services will forward the information to either Kingston City Police or City By-Law Enforcement for investigation as a by-law infraction. These cases will also be forwarded to the Alma Mater Society for Judicial review.

What if I Live Outside the Boundaries?

While our program covers an extensive area, there may be times when noise issues arise outside our established boundaries. In these cases you are advised to contact the Kingston City Police (549-4660) directly for a resolution to the problem.

Similarly, Campus Security and Emergency Services does not respond to noise complaints off-campus that are for the same street address. ie. houses that contain multiple apartments.

These are tenant issues and should be addressed through tenants and their landlords. Tenants complaining about noise by other tenants may contact Kingston Police if an immediate response is needed or their landlord is not available.

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