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Incidents of Interest

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August 14, John Orr Tower - A tenant reported their bicycle lock was cut and the bike stolen while secured to the racks outside. It is a grey & white, 24 speed mountain bike.

August 13, Residences - an individual reported that their bicycle was stolen while left briefly unattended in a hallway. It is a 'Specialized Ruby' road bike, white with purple/pink that had a helmet stolen along with it.

August 7, An Clachan Complex - a tenant contacted Campus Security to report that their blue, "Impulse" brand Mountain Bike was stolen from the bike racks outside. A report was also filed with Kingston Police.

August 11, West Campus - the ERC was informed that a suspicious male swapping out the front tire of their bicycle with one that is secured to the bike racks outside. Security was dispatched to the scene with the witness later updating that the suspect was seen bicycling towards Richardson Stadium.

Security searched the surrounding vicinity with no sign of the man, ho was described as being Caucasian, approximately 30 years old with a beard. At the time of this incident he was wearing a white polo shirt, an orange hat, and carrying a yellow bag.

Last Updates  

July 7, An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported that their bicycle was stolen from where it had been secured to the bike racks outside. It is described as being a blue 'Super Cycle'. 

June 20, Campus - Staff report three laptop computers were stolen sometime during the previous weekend. One was described as being a  Lenovo Think Pad, Model #2342CTO, Serial #PBN1TV6. 

June 28, Residences - The ERC was informed that a purple 21-gear mountain bike was stolen from where it had been secured to the bike racks outside.

May 30, Biosciences Complex - A caller reported that their white, with purple writing, Nakamura Royale 9.4 bicycle (serial number EA131105386) was stolen from where it had been secured with a cable lock. The caller was advised to also file a report with Kingston Police.

May 20, Robert Sutherland Hall - The ERC was informed that a silver Trek Hybrid bicycle, with black fenders and a silver Axiom bag carrier (serial number: WTU022CL834F5), was stolen from where it had been locked to a bike rack. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

May 20, Queen's Centre - An individual informed Campus Security that his bicycle was stolen from the north side of the Queen's Centre sometime between 7 and 8:30 am while secured to the bike racks with a large cable lock. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

May 15, Humphrey Hall - A student reported that their blue with yellow Challenger brand bicycle was stolen while secured with a chain lock to a post.

May 12, Queen's Centre - The ERC was informed that a red & white mountain bike was stolen from the west side racks of the Queen's Centre. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

May 18, Goodes Hall: 5:25 pm - Campus Security was informed by a caller that a mother duck and her ducklings were discovered on a fourth floor patio at Goodes Hall, with no safe way for the ducklings to get to the ground safely. Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre was contacted and, unable to have a volunteer attend until the next day, suggested that someone could remove the ducklings in a box or cat carrier and the mother duck would follow.

Security staff attended and carefully boxed the ducklings, then took them to the front lawn of the building to wait for the mother to make her own way down. They carried the ducklings to the nearby waterfront - accompanied by the mother duck - where they were released from the box. The family entered the water and were last seen swimming east. 

April 13 - Campus Security staff pursued and investigated bicycle thieves engaged in thefts from bike racks on both main and west campus. In cooperation with Kingston City Police, two individuals were arrested.

April, Main Campus buildings - Campus Security investigated a number of incidents that involved toilets being destroyed in various main campus buildings.  Immediately following one incident, Security staff acted on a noted pattern from previous instances and were able to identify and apprehend the individual responsible.

Previous Updates (arranged by type)   

February 22, Student Housing Area: 2:17 am - While on mobile patrol, Security staff observed a small fire on a barrel near a wooden garage.  They stopped and attended to the barrel, which had construction materials inside and hanging out of it, arranging for KFD to be notified while they doused the flames with snow. They remained at the scene until KFD arrived and ensured there there were no more embers or hot spots remaining.

February 12, Residences - A desk clerk requested Security attend to a room near their desk where a male individual has been jumping on his desk and yelling for about a half hour. Security Supervisors attended and soon  reported back that the individual was simply engaged in "Dynamic Meditation", which involves screaming and other various exercises.  He was asked to seek out a different location for that activity in the futrure and ensure others in the area are aware of what he will be doing.

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