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Queen's University

Membership 2015-2016

Secretary of the Board of Trustees: L. Knox
Associate Secretary: C. Garneau


Ex Officio Members 3
Elected by:
The Board of Trustees 10
The University Council 6
The Students 2
The Faculty 2
The Staff 2


Ex Officio
The Chancellor - J. Leech
The Principal and Vice-Chancellor - D. Woolf

The Rector - M. Young


Elected by the Board of Trustees Term Ends
T. Abramsky  2016
B. Palk (Chair)    2016
D. Raymond (Vice-Chair)  2016
D. Grace (Vice-Chair)  2016
E. Speal (Vice-Chair)  2016
D. Allgood 2017
K. McKinnon (Vice-Chair)   2017
R. McFarlane 2018
S. Riddell Rose  2018
B. Warmbold 2018


Elected by the University Council – 3 year term Term Ends
D. Bruce  2018
K. Pritchard 2018
C. Lynch 2017
D. Tisch 2017
I. van Nostrand 2016
M. Wilson Trider  2016


Elected by the Students – 2 year term Term Ends
J. Li (Undergraduate) 2017
J. A.  MacLeod (Graduate) 2016


Elected by the Faculty – 4 year term Term Ends
D. Bakhurst  2018
L. Tomalty 2017


Elected by the Staff – 4 year term Term Ends
G. Denford  2018
S. Tanner 2017


Observers Constituency
D. Beauchemin QUFA
L. Hanson QUFA
G. Jackson QUAA
H. Smith Ombudsman
C. Cochrane SGPS
K. Chinniah AMS
P. Young QUFA

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000