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Queen's University

Investment Committee

(As approved by the Board of Trustees in May 1996, amended March 2001, December 2006, March 2012, May 2013)

I.  Purpose and Authority

The Investment Committee is responsible for recommending Board non-pension investment policy, monitoring the performance of the University's non-pension investments and overseeing the financial health, administration and governance of the University's non-pension invested assets.

The Investment Committee has delegated authority from the Board of Trustees to terminate any Investment Manager whose strategy and/or performance does not meet the objectives established by the Committee, and the delegated authority from the Board of Trustees to hire Investment Managers to manage investment funds. Such decisions shall be communicated to the Board of Trustees at the next meeting of the Board.

II.  Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The Committee shall report annually to the Board of Trustees at which time it will provide an update on activities during the prior year. The Committee may report more frequently than annually if so requested by the Chair of the Board.

  2. The Investment Committee shall:

    1. Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning the management of the investment funds of the University (Queen's Pooled Endowment Fund, Queen's Pooled Investment Fund, Queen's Short-term Fund, sinking funds) and other funds as requested by the Board of Trustees;
    2. Within the statutory authority of the University, invest and, within such policies as may be established from time to time by the Board, give direction to any Investment Manager appointed from time to time for the management of the funds;
    3. Act in an advisory capacity when the Board of Trustees decides on the dollar amounts to be withdrawn each year from investment funds to support operations;
    4. Review at regular intervals the University's investments and monitor the performance of each Investment Manager with a view to maximizing the total return, keeping in mind the need for immediate income as well as the preservation and enhancement of the future purchasing power of the funds; and
    5. Supervise the safekeeping and handling of the University's investments that are under the Investment Committee's jurisdiction.

III.  Membership 

The only ex officio members of the Investment Committee shall be the Chair of the Board, the Chancellor, the Principal and the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration).

The majority of the membership need not be Trustees; the membership shall include at least three Trustees.

IV.  Meetings

The Committee shall meet quarterly, and at such times and places as it deems advisable.


Membership Status Term Ends
D. Dodge Ex Officio
D. Woolf Ex Officio
B. Palk Ex Officio
C. Davis Ex Officio
L. Hansen Appointed Jun-2016
E. Speal Appointed Jun-2016
C. Lynch Appointed Jun-2014
W. Young Appointed Jun-2015
G. Pugh Appointed Jun-2014
D. Raymond Appointed Jun-2016
J. Keohane Appointed Jun-2014
G. Steffensen Appointed Jun-2014
R. Prat Appointed Jun-2016


Chair: D. Raymond
Vice-Chair:  J. Keohane
Secretary: B. O'Neill


Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000