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Queen's University

Academic Development

(as revised May 27, 2014)

SCAD Meeting Schedule

To formulate and recommend to the Senate principles, policies, and priorities for the academic development of the University;

To formulate, adopt, and oversee rigorous processes for on-going academic planning that are responsive to changing needs in teaching and learning, including the annual monitoring of the implementation of the University's Academic Plan and its periodic revision and renewal.

To advise the Senate on the establishment of any faculty, school, centre, institute, department, or chair;

To advise the Senate on proposals from faculties, schools, centres, and institutes, for new programs of study leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate;

To advise the Senate on proposals from faculties, schools, centres, and institutes, for changes in the conditions of admission to, or in the standards and qualifications required for completion of, existing programs of study;

To advise the Senate on any adjustments which may be necessary to co-ordinate proposals from faculties, schools, centres, and institutes;

To advise on the coordination of the admissions procedures of the different faculties, and schools;

To advise the Senate on the proposed annual enrolment plan developed by the University Registrar.


2 Ex Officio Members
Principal or delegate
Academic Colleague

8 Elected Members
4 faculty
2 members of the Alma Mater Society
1 member of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students
1 staff


Membership Affiliation Student Year Status Term Ends
H. Abdollah Faculty (Department of Medicine) Elected Sep-2015
S. Anderson A.M.S. Elected Sep-2016
L. Colgan Academic Colleague Ex Officio
L. Daneshmend Principal's Delegate Ex Officio
J. Emrich Staff (Faculty of Law) Elected Sep-2015
E. Hill Faculty (Department of History) Elected Sep-2016
A. Jack-Davies Faculty Elected Sep-2015
B. Jamieson A.M.S. Elected Sep-2016
I. Luyt S.G.P.S. Elected Sep-2015
C. Christie Faculty (Education) Elected Sep-2016


Chair: L. Daneshmend
Secretary: P. Watkin 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000