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2020 - 2021 Guide to Registration and Fees

September Checklist

IMPORTANT: If you have not paid your fall tuition and Student Assistance Levy by the tuition due date:

* A Late Fee of $150 may be applied to your account; and,

* You will not be able to add or swap your courses until the amount owing is paid.

Remember that payments take 2 - 4 business days to appear in your SOLUS account once they have been made at your bank. Be sure to leave enough time for this when you make your payment.

While you have completed a great deal of preparation for your studies, there are a number of steps that you will need to review and take care of this month.

Details Specific to Your Program:
Student Cards: New student? See the 'How do I register and select courses?'page for more information.
Student Cards: New student? See the 'How do I register and select courses?' page for more information.
Education: Opening day / introduction to the program is August 31st.
Payment of Fall Tuition and Student Assistance Levy
Log onto SOLUS and review your Account Summary in the SOLUS Student Centre. Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) will need to be paid by September 30th. Winter term tuition fees will show on SOLUS later in the fall term and are due January 10th, winter term residence fees are due January 31st.
More information about understanding your fees and how to pay your fees is available on the 'Understanding your Fees' page.

You will be able to opt-out of optional student activity fees.

Please see the notes accompanying the Tuition Fee Table applicable to you, located on our 'How much will it cost?' page. If you do not pay your Tuition and Student Assistance Levy by the due dates of each term a late fee of $150 for full-time or $50 for part-time students may be applied to your account; and you will not be permitted to add or swap courses.

As soon as Queen’s receives payment for the outstanding amount or you provide proven source of funding (e.g. Funding Details) the enrolment hold will be lifted.
Student Card Mailing
The schedule is available at:
Need to Add, Drop, or Swap a Course?
Students who chose some or all of their courses during the course selection period in August will have the opportunity to make schedule changes during the Open Enrolment periods in the SOLUS Student Centre:
  • August 10 - September 21 for Law
    • October 2 - Last drop day for Law
  • August 18 - September 18 for Education
  • All others
    • August 31 - September 21 for fall term classes
    • August 31 - January 22 for winter term classes

If you need help, please consult the 'Understanding SOLUS tutorials' page.

Please note that you will not be able to add or swap your courses if you have either not paid your fall tuition and Student Assistance Levy by September 30th.

Government Student Financial Assistance (OSAP)

Queen’s will confirm full-time enrolment for students who have completed an OSAP application (make sure you have submitted all required documentation). Once we have confirmed your full-time enrolment, your first OSAP installment will automatically released. Queen's will begin confirming full-time enrolment close to the start of your study period.

Details about your OSAP disbursements are provided on your Funding Summary page on your online OSAP account at . Your funding will take a few days after the 'Estimated Date' on your OSAP Funding Summary to be released. Once Queen's has confirmed enrolment you will see the amount that is being redirected to Queen's on your OSAP Funding Summary, or you can check your Queen's Fee Statement, "Net Cost View".

Please monitor your Queen's SOLUS account to verify your OSAP payment has been applied to your account before making any additional online payments.

Out of Province Government Student Financial Assistance
If you are an out-of-province student, please consult your provincial/territorial financial aid website for details regarding the distribution of your student loans and grants. A list of those websites is located on the Student Awards website.
Submit your funding details to: if you wish to have service charges waived for up to the amount of your second installment until January 31st. (Please consult the 'Understanding your Fees' page for further details).
Have you applied for a General Bursary?
A bursary is an amount of money you receive to assist you in financing your education that you do not have to pay back. It is based on an assessment of your financial need. More information about eligibility criteria can be found at:
The online application form will be available on your SOLUS Student Centre under the 'Finances' section in early September. The deadline for applying is October 31.
If you are an international student or a student without valid Canadian provincial / territorial health insurance...
You must visit the Queen’s University International Centre in Mitchell Hall to confirm and receive proof of your mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage. Please consult: for further details.