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Some Important Facts Regarding Names

Name "A word or combination of words by which a person is designated, called, or known" Oxford Dictionary.
Legal Name For a Canadian citizen, the name under which an individual is registered in a province. The quintessential legal name is the one assigned at birth. For non-Canadian citizens, the legal name is that name under which they are registered in Canada and which is found on their immigration documents or passport.
Legal name change A legal name change can be obtained as outlined in the Province of Ontario Change of Name Act of 1986. Individuals who obtain a Change of Name Certificate as a result of this process are entitled to have any reference to their previous name deleted from their records.
Informal name Change Individuals can assume a name at any time as long as the assumption of that name is not for fraudulent purposes. Individuals who wish to have their records changed due to this type of name change should file a Statutory Declaration. While it may be desirable to do so it is not mandatory to revise one's record to reflect such a change.
Marriage * Individuals can alter their names as a result of cohabitation, marriage, separation and divorce, without legal formalities.

The Change of Name Act allows for either "spouse" to assume the name of the other on marriage or cohabitation via a legal change of name. Hyphenated combination names are specifically provided for in the Act.
Adoption Children's names can be changed informally upon adoption or formally under the Change of Name Act.
Anglicization Anglicization of international names can be permitted in order to accommodate the individual's personal preference for a name that is convenient and serves a purpose locally. However, for graduation, the legal name is that name by which the person is legally recorded in Canada.

*Students who would like to change their name as a result of separation or divorce:

  • If we have both the maiden name and the married name on file in our records, documentation is not required to change the name back to the maiden name. The maiden name will become the current name and the married name will be suppressed from printing anywhere. It will continue to be kept on file for our records.
  • If we only have the married name on file and the student wishes to change his or her name, appropriate documentation, such as a birth certificate, will be required. Again, the married name will be suppressed and the maiden name added as the current name.