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Registration Basics


Whether you are new to Queen's, or are a returning student, your academic year begins with your registration.

In order to help you better understand and plan your study year, we have provided a step-by-step breakdown of the process, along with other information that you may find helpful along the way.

Step 1: Selecting your Courses
Course Selection: First Enrollment Appointment (July 15th to 25th)

During your first enrollment appointment some courses will have restrictions to ensure students who need certain courses receive priority.

Your 'Enrolment Appointment' is your specific time to enroll in your courses. Your Enrolment Appointment will appear in your SOLUS Student Centre beginning July 8th.

When your Enrolment Appointment time begins, you can access the SOLUS Student Centre to enrol in your classes. Please note that you will be enrolled in those selected classes IF there is space available.

Your first enrollment appointment will end at 11:30 pm EST on July 25th.

Please be aware that, if you have an outstanding debt, you will NOT be able to participate in the course selection period. All outstanding debts must be paid by June 15th. You can login to your SOLUS profile to view your account and see if you have any outstanding debts.

Students in the following programs and years will have some (or all) of their courses automatically added by their Faculty / School in late June: Students in the following programs and years will choose some (or all) of their courses and will have 'Enrolment Appointments'
Commerce Years 1 and 2 Arts and Science All years
Education All years Commerce Years 2 - 4
Music Year 1 Music All years
Nursing All years Nursing Years 2 - 4
Physical Education / Kinesiology Years 1 and 2 Physical Education / Kinesiology All years
Engineering & Applied Science All years Engineering & Applied Science Years 2 - 5
Law Year 1 Law All years*
Medicine All years

* New incoming upper-year Law students will select courses and be enrolled manually with the assistance of the JD Program Coordinator, Margaret Gordon, at

For more information specific to the Faculty of Law, please see "Special Instructions for Faculty of Law Students" listed below.

Course Selection: Second Enrollment Appointment (July 26th to August 2nd)

Your second enrollment appointment will begin at 12:00 am EST on July 26th.

Most course restrictions will now be removed. If you satisfy the course prerequisites and there is space in the course, you should be able to enroll in the class.

Course Selection: Open Enrolment

If you chose some or all of your courses, you will have another chance to add, drop, or swap courses during September Open Enrolment.

The September Open Enrolment period is as follows:

  • Faculty of Law - July 15 to September 17 (3L); July 17 to September 17 (2L)
  • Faculty of Education - September 1st to 19th
  • All others - August 20th to September 18th

In-person assistance is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST at Room 125, Gordon Hall (74 Union Street)

Step 2: Paying your Tuition / Student Assistance Levy

Charges associated with your tuition and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) are applied to your account within twenty-four (24) hours of your courses being selected and/or loaded.

Finding out what you owe...

To see how much you owe, log in to the SOLUS Student Centre via the MyQueen'sU Portal.

The Account Summary gives you an overview of your financial account at Queen's:

SOLUS: Account Summary graphic

For more detailed information on your charges:

  • Under the heading 'FINANCES', locate the drop-down menu labeled 'OTHER FINANCIAL'.
  • Open the menu and click on 'CHARGES DUE'
  • Click on the round arrow icon
Cannot pay your Tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL) by the deadline?

The Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) program assists students who cannot meet the Tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL) deadline, but have a proven source of funding.

Examples of support from specific sources include:

  • Government student financial assistance
  • Third Party funding (native bands, embassies, companies)
  • External scholarships and/or awards
  • Other - I can pay most of my fees by the deadline, but not all (e.g. receiving final summer employment paycheque after deadline)

For more information about who is eligible, and how to apply for an APA, please visit the APA Information page.

Step 3: Validating your Student ID Card

The final step of registration is to ensure you have your Student Card validated.

Students at Queen's are issued a Photo ID Card at the beginning of their studies, and is validated at the beginning of each academic year.

It serves not only as the primary form of identification at Queen's, but acts as a passport to a number of on-campus services, including those provided by:

  • The Office of the University Registrar
  • Campus Security
  • Faculty offices and departments
  • Queen's University Libraries
  • The Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC)
  • Numerous student services, including pre-purchased meal plans and bus service
Where (and when) do I get my Student ID Card validated?

Pick-Up / Validation Clinics are conducted for new and returning students at the beginning of the Fall/Winter academic year.

Dates and times are determined based on Faculty, year of study, and alphabetical order for surname.

For more information on Student ID Cards, including schedules for distribution, as well as replacement costs for lost cards, please visit our Student ID Card information page here.

Step 4: Withdrawal from Studies

Students wishing to withdraw from their studies at Queen's are advised to follow these steps:

1. You will need to contact your Faculty Office. If you are in Residence or have a Meal Plan, you will need to contact those offices as well.

Residence Withdrawal Policy:

After a resident has either taken occupancy of a residence room or picked up keys, the resident cannot cancel their residence agreement and are financially responsible for the full 8 month term residence fees (or 4 month term fees for fall only or winter only exchange students).

Medical and Academic Withdrawal

A resident may request cancellation of the agreement only if withdrawing from the University for academic or medical reasons. If a resident is withdrawing for one of these 2 reasons, there are three things they must do to receive a prorated refund of their residence fees:  

  1. Withdraw from program courses through the faculty or Registrar’s office (course enrolment cancellation is verified by the Residence Admissions office)
  2. Fill out the Residence Withdraw Form (which can be linked to from this location) and return it to the Residence Admissions office
  3. Vacate their room and return keys to the designated front desk for their building

The withdrawal from residence date will be based on the date that all 3 steps are completed.

2. Your Faculty Office will either drop your classes, or require an Appeal for a Late Drop. You will also need to turn in your Student ID Card to the Faculty Office if you are requesting a refund of activity fees;

3. Your Faculty Office will forward your Academic Change Form (ACF), appeal decision, and your Student ID Card to the Office of the University Registrar in order to process your withdrawal;

Activity Fee Refund Schedule:
Prior to September 30th 100 %
October 1st to January 31st 50 %
February 1st and after 0 %
4. The Office of the University Registrar will withdraw you from studies effective the Advisor Approval Date on the ACF. If you have been registered to the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) will be contacted and any applicable refunds will be processed.