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Financial FAQ's for Parents and Guardians



Parents and guardians play an integral role in the education of our students through their ongoing support.

This page provides important information to those whose children have chosen to continue their academic careers at Queen's.

Q: How can I make payments?
A: The easiest method for you to pay your fees is by Online Banking through your Canadian financial institution. This quick and easy method of payment will help you to avoid payment delays. To review available payment methods, see Payment Methods (
Q: When will the first fee statement be issued?

A: Students' fee accounts are available online through SOLUS. When students register on SOLUS tuition and student activity fees are posted to the online fee account. Fee statements, by term, can be obtained in SOLUS: On the main page, under "Finances", click the "Fee Statement" link.

Parental Access to Student Information
Q: Will we be able to find out about our daughter's / son's grades - or fee balance - by calling the University?
A: We are governed by Ontario government law and University Senate policy governing privacy and personal information. Unless your son or daughter authorizes us to release this information on our online student registration system (SOLUS - Release of Information link), we are unable to disclose personal information.
Q: My son / daughter has authorized the release of their information. Where can we call for information about the courses or program in which our child is enrolled?
A: Any questions about the courses themselves other than registration or payment - should be directed to the department concerned. The University Registrar's Office can be reached at about registration or payment.
Health Insurance Coverage
Q: My child is Canadian, but we live outside Ontario, or outside Canada, or my child will arrive in Canada as a Landed Immigrant. How do we ensure that they have health insurance coverage in Ontario?

A: If your child is Canadian and normally resides in a province other than Ontario, your child must inform their local Ministry of Health office that s/he will be studying in Ontario.

If your child is Canadian and normally resides outside Canada, or will arrive in Canada as a Landed Immigrant, click on this link and read the section 'Returning Canadians and Landed Immigrants' under the Health Insurance tab.

Q: My child is not Canadian. How do we ensure that they have health insurance coverage in Ontario?
A: If your child is not Canadian, they will be enrolled in the compulsory University Health Insurance Program (UHIP) coverage - a plan that covers basic hospital and doctor services - through the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC). Please contact them for more information.
Q: We already belong to a health plan and/or dental plan that covers our whole family. How can our child avoid being charged again through Queen's?

A: Your child may be able to opt out of the supplementary health and dental plans offered by the AMS (Alma Mater Society) or the SGPS (Society of Graduate and Professional Students).

Members of the AMS (Undergraduate students) can find opt-out details on their website at:

Members of the SGPS (Masters, PhD, Law, 5th-Year Education) can find opt-out details on their website at:

Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts (T2202) Certificate
Q: I paid my daughter / son's tuition. When will I receive the Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts (T2202A) Certificate?

A: Each February, we provide this Tax Certificate (T2202A) online (via the SOLUS Student Centre) to students who were registered during the prior calendar year (forms are not mailed).

Replacements for prior years are also available on SOLUS.

This is the student's tax certificate and considered confidential information - if you need this information, please contact your daughter or son who may provide authorization for the University to release his/her information to you.