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Queen's University

Sample Queries

These sample queries have been provided by your fellow BI Query/SDW users out of the goodness of their heart. You may find the queries useful in their current format, or you may want to modify them for your needs, or you may want to dissect them to be used as a learning tool. Some are very simple, some are complex. All of them are for you to use as you will with no guarantees from the author.

These queries are offered to you here as shared material amongst fellow users and are to be used with caution - load the query, look at what it's doing, then modify it for your needs, you are the one responsible for the results of these queries.

To Download a Query/Report:

  1. Read the Overview file for the query (listed in table below).
  2. Close BI Query if you have it open.
  3. Select the query you want to download by placing your mouse over the Query link.
    • right mouse click on the Query link
    • if you are using Netscape: select the 'Save Link As' option
    • if you are using Internet Explorer: select the 'Save Target As' option
    • use the default 'File name' and save the file in your c:\datawhse\student\user\queries folder
  4. If the query has a corresponding Report file, then you will need to repeat step 2 - select the Report link to download the Report file.
  5. Launch Student Data Warehouse, load the query (query, load) and go from there.
    • IMPORTANT: Any query requiring a student number as a data value will have 9999999 or 0000000 as the default student number, you will have to modify this field to suit your needs.

Sample Queries

Student Marks Report

Gender Count by Degree Program

Undergrad Email List by Concentration

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000