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Examinations: Exam Accommodations

Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of its students.

Alternatives to traditional exams are available for persons requiring accommodation. Arrangements for exams can be made through the Student Wellness Centre at Mitchell Hall, 69 Union Street.

You can reach the Exams Office at Gordon Hall, Room 110  |

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Queen’s University is actively monitoring reports on the evolving outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19. Protecting the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty is of primary concern, ​and we are continuously assessing what may be required in response to any spread of the virus.

We understand that students may have questions about the possible impact on upcoming exams and convocation ceremonies.

The Office of the University Registrar will communicate any changes to schedules which may result from the further spread of COVID-19.

Please continue to monitor the university’s COVID-19 webpage for the most up to date information. 

Guidance for students with accommodations for midterm and final exams is detailed below. Instructors should refer to the ‘Midterm exams, tests and quizzes’ section of the Exams Office Services page.

Midterm Exam Accommodations coordinated by the Exams Office

The Exams Office coordinates and administers accommodated tests for students with ANY of the following accommodations:

  • Use of a computer;
  • Private room;
  • 35+ mins of extra time per 1-hour exam.

If you are approved for any of the accommodations listed above, you must submit a request for each test you require accommodation for, even if some of your accommodations are not applicable for a specific test (e.g. You will not use the computer for your math-based midterm but still require extra time). Requests are submitted through the Exam Accommodation System (EAS) Portal (see link below).

Please review your term course syllabi and submit all requests for the term no later than September 30 (Fall) and January 31 (Winter). Our goal is to administer all requests, however, we cannot guarantee an accommodated test can be set for students who have not made a request a minimum of ten (10) working days in advance of the test.

Accommodated midterms are scheduled at the same date and time as the rest of the class (generally during class time), unless a student's accommodation prohibits us from scheduling at that time. Extra time will be placed at the beginning or end of the test, dependent on the student’s class schedule. If an accommodated midterm must be moved, it will be moved to the nearest possible time following the originally scheduled midterm date and time. The Exams Office will not make adjustments to accommodated test arrangements due to personal conflicts.

Midterm accommodations will be posted to the EAS Portal the week prior to your scheduled test:

  • If the midterm test is on a Monday or Tuesday, the time and date will be posted on the Wednesday prior.
  • If the midterm test is on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, the time and date will be posted on the Friday prior.

If you do not require an accommodation that you have requested, please cancel the accommodation, in writing, to the Exams Office a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the test. Failure to cancel and failure to appear will result in a charge of $25-$60 per missed midterm based on the arrangements that have been made.

Requests cannot be submitted for final exams in December and April; please see below for details.

Midterm Exam Accommodations coordinated by the instructor

If your accommodations do not include the use of a computer, private room, or 35+ mins of extra time per exam hour, please submit your accommodation letter to your instructor to receive accommodations. This should be done a minimum of one week in advance of the test, to ensure your instructor has adequate time to make the appropriate arrangements.

Final Exam Accommodations: December and April

If you require accommodations for final exams, please ensure you have registered with Student Wellness Services no later than November 7 (Fall) and/or March 7 (Winter).

For any final exam that appears in your SOLUS exam schedule, accommodations do not require a request and will be made automatically for all students who have an active registration with Student Wellness Services. Accommodation notices will be sent to the student’s Queen’s email account starting in early November and early March with details. Accommodated exam details (date, time and location) are NOT listed on SOLUS and students should refer to the emails for details. If, for any reason, you do not require the accommodated exam, you must email the Exams Office, from your Queen’s email account, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the exam. Failure to cancel and failure to appear will result in a charge of $45 per exam missed.

Accommodated exams are scheduled at the same date and time as the rest of the class unless a student's accommodation prohibits us from scheduling at that time. If an accommodated exam must be moved, it will be moved to the nearest possible time following the originally scheduled exam date and time.

Students having a final exam in December or April that does not appear in their SOLUS exam schedule must contact their instructor to receive accommodation.


Exam Accommodation System (EAS) links

Students who have been approved through Student Wellness Services and require a private room, 35+ min of extra time per 1-hour exam, or the use of a computer to write a midterm, must submit a request through the EAS Portal, a minimum of 10 working days prior to the exam, and preferably by September 30 (Fall) and January 31 (Winter).  We will contact the instructor to make arrangements, and will notify you via your Queen’s email account, the week prior to the test, when your accommodated arrangements have been published to the EAS Portal.

For Students:

For Instructors:

Deadlines to Register for Accommodation​ for Centrally Scheduled Exams
  • for December exams - November 7
  • for April exams - March 7
  • for Spring and Summer exams - June 7

It is recommended that students arrive at their exam 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Students with Short-Term Medical Conditions

Students with short-term medical conditions (for example, a broken arm, sprained wrist, etc.) that require an exam accommodation should visit Health Services to determine the required accommodation.

Refer to the Student Wellness Services website for more information on Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances.

Exchange Students

All exchange students whose first language is NOT English can apply to the Exams Office for an extra ½ hour of time to write final and mid-year exams. Students are also allowed to bring in one (1) paper language translation dictionary. Electronic dictionaries are NOT permitted.

If you would like to apply, you must complete the Extra Time request form.


Students must have each instructor sign for their course, then have the Associate Dean (or designate) sign the completed form. Return it to the Exams Office (Gordon Hall, Room 110) by the following dates:

  • November 7 (December exams)
  • March 7 (April exams)
  • June 7 (Spring & Summer exams)

The deadline dates are firm. No applications will be accepted after the deadline date.