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Queen's University

Special Exam Arrangements

Alternatives to traditional exams are available for persons with special needs. Arrangements for exams can be made through Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) at the LaSalle Building, 146 Stuart Street, 613-533-6467.

Deadline to register for accommodations for centrally scheduled mid-year (December) and final exams:

  • for December exams - November 7
  • for April exams - March 7
  • for Spring and Summer term exams - June 7

Students are recommend to arrive to their exam 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Students with Short-Term Medical Conditions

Students with short-term medical conditions (for example, a broken arm, sprained wrist, etc.) that require an exam accommodation MUST apply to the Exams Office.

Midterm Accommodations

Students who have been approved through HCDS and require the use of a computer to write a midterm examination must complete this form and submit to our office, along with a copy of the HCDS accommodation, a minimum of 10 working days prior to the exam.  We will contact the instructor to make arrangements, and will notify you via email (Queen’s only) once all documents are received and the time/date is set.

Computer Midterm Request Form (163 KB)

Exchange students


All exchange students whose first language is NOT English can apply to the Exams Office for an extra 1/2 hour of time to write final and mid-year exams.  Students are also allowed to bring in one (1) language translation dictionary.

If you would like to apply, you must complete the Extra Time request form.

Students must also have each instructor sign for their course, then have the Associate Dean (or designate) sign the completed for. Return it to the Exams Office (Gordon Hall, Room 110) by the following dates:

  • November 7 (December Exams)
  • March 7 (April Exams)
  • June 7 (Spring & Summer exams)

The deadline dates are firm. No applications will be accepted after the deadline date.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000