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The Academic Hood

The hood as an academical vestment is distinctly British and is worn by graduates of English speaking universities all over the world.

In its original form it was the upper part of the cowl worn by the Monks and Friars of the Middle Ages. The hood covered the head during inclement weather and in the draughty cloisters when taking exercise. If not needed for this purpose it could be pulled off and allowed to hang behind over the tippet. The tippet was the lower part, a short cape, reaching to the elbow and forming a very welcome article of clothing in the monasteries and hostels which were still unglazed at the end of the 15th century. Indeed, it would appear that glass was not in general use until 1650, for three years later an order was issued to all students at Oxford to "keep his chamber windows in repair after they have once been glazed by the college".

The cowl still forms part of the dress of the religious orders, but the hood, separated from the tippet now denotes a graduate of some British or American University or similar institution while the tippet is worn by certain dignitaries of both the Roman and Anglican church. A smaller type is also used to distinguish Diocesan Readers.

For the purposes of laureation at Queen's University, the design and colour scheme of regalia is as follows:

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Purple silk shell with a white silk lining
Honorary Doctor of Laws Black silk shell with a full blue silk lining
Honorary Doctor of Science Gold silk shell with a black border
Doctor of Philosophy Red / Gold / Blue
Doctor of Medicine Red / White
Master of Applied Science Black / Yellow
Master of Arts Black / Red
Master of Art Conservation Black / Red / Gold
Master of Business Administration Black / Green
Master of Divinity Black / Purple
Master of Education Black / Powder Blue
Master of Engineering Black / Yellow / Purple / Yellow
Master of Environmental Studies Black / Gold / Royal Blue / Emerald Green
Master of Industrial Relations Black / Orange
Master of Laws Queen's Blue / White
Master of Management Black / Green / Gold
Master of Public Administration Black / Honeydew / Henna
Master of Public Health Black / Honeydew / Red
Master of Science Black / Gold / Red
Master of Science

(Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy)

Black / Pale Blue / Royal Blue
Master of Theology Purple / Red / White
Master of Theological Studies Black / Red / Purple
Master of Urban and Regional Planning Black / Pistache Green / Red
Bachelor of Arts Black / Red
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Black / Red / Pale Blue
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Black / Red / White / Red
Bachelor of Commerce Black / Green border
Bachelor of Computing Black / Purple / Gold
Bachelor of Education Black / Pale Blue
Bachelor of Fine Art Black / Emerald Green
Bachelor of Laws Queen's Blue / White
Juris Doctor Queen's Blue / White
Bachelor of Music Sapphire Blue / Sky Blue
Bachelor of Nursing Science White  / Red
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Black / Red / White
Bachelor of Science (Arts and Science) Black / Red / Gold
Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) Black / Yellow
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education Black / Red / Gold / Pale Blue
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Black / Red / White / Gold
Bachelor of Theology White / Purple