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The Office of the University Registrar provides a number of services to students throughout their academic career at Queen's.

The following is an alphabetical index of information and services that can be found on this website, as well as some related sites.



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Academic Change Form - Graduate Students Address (Updating in SOLUS)
Academic Change Form - Undergraduate Students Admission (Undergraduate)
Academic Planner (SOLUS tutorial) Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA)
Academic Procession (Convocation) Appeals (Tuition and Fees)
Account Activity (SOLUS tutorial) Application to Graduate
Account Summary (SOLUS tutorial) Award Application - View (SOLUS tutorial)
Add Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Awards (Student)                                                                                          
Address - Mailing (Policy)  
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Banking Information (Enter / Review) Bursary (General)
Bursary (Admission)  
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Cards (Student ID) Classes - Swapping (SOLUS tutorial)
Charges Due (SOLUS tutorial) Code of Conduct (University)
Class Schedule (SOLUS tutorial) Continuing and Distance Education
Classes - Adding (SOLUS tutorial) Convocation (Graduation)
Classes - Dropping (SOLUS tutorial) Course History (SOLUS tutorial)
Classes - Editing (SOLUS tutorial) Course Selection
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Debtors - Student (Senate Policy) Diplomas (Replacement)
Degree Verification Drop Classes (SOLUS tutorial)
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Edit Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Enter / Review Bank Information (SOLUS tutorial)
Enrolment Appointment Examination Conflict Application
Enrolment - Add Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Examinations
Enrolment - Drop Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Examination Schedule (SOLUS tutorial)
Enrolment - Edit Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Examination Timetables
Enrolment - Plans and Reports Examination Regulations
Enrolment - Swap Classes (SOLUS tutorial) Examination Special Arrangements
Enrolment Verification Exchange Programs
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Fees (Policies) Financial Assistance
Fee (Refunds) Financials
Fee Statements (Printable) Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
Financial Aid - View (SOLUS tutorial) Forms
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Grade Change Form (Official) Grades - How to view (SOLUS tutorial)
Grade Distribution Report Graduate Admissions
Grade Point Average (GPA) Graduation (Convocation)
Grade Release Dates Graduation (Applying for)
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Honorary Degrees Hood and Gown Rentals (Convocation - Student)
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Instructor Information Form (Computer Mid-term) International Study Opportunities
International Students  
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Late Fees Line of Credit (Student)
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Messages to Students MyQueensU Portal
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Name Change (Form) NetID
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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Open Enrolment
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Payment Methods Previous Graduates Form
Policies Privacy (Policy)
Pop-Up Browser Windows (How to allow for SOLUS) Professional and Executive Programs
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL) Program / Plan Selection (SOLUS tutorial)
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Refund Request (Form) Registration Form - Undergraduate Students
Refund Schedule Reports
Registration (Guide to) Room Information
Registration Form - Graduate Students  
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Schedule - Class (SOLUS tutorial) Student Assistance Levy
Scholarships Student Awards
Senate Committee on Academic Procedures (SCAP) Student Data Systems
Sessional Dates Student ID Cards
Simulcasts (Convocation) Student Line of Credit
SOLUS Student Centre Student Names (Policy)
SOLUS (For Alumni) Student Work Experience Program (SWEP)
Special Hooding Requests Swap Classes (How to)
Student Activity Fees  
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T2202A Income Tax Certificates Transcript: View Unofficial (SOLUS tutorial)
Timetabling Transcript Legends (Current)
Tours (Campus) Transcript Legends (Historical)
Transcripts Transcript Request Form
Transcripts (Policy) Transfer Credit Report (SOLUS tutorial)
Transcript: Request Official (SOLUS tutorial) Tuition and Fees
Transcript: View Official (SOLUS tutorial) Tuition Fee Amendment (Appeal Form)
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Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching (USAT)
University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) University Timetable Committee
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Validation (Student ID Cards) Verification of Enrolment
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Webcasts (Convocation) Withdrawal (from studies)
'What-If' Report (SOLUS tutorial) Work Study Program
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