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Queen's University

To access the the SOLUS Student Centre, login to the My.QueensU portal and select the "Palette" tab.

Alumni FAQs

  1. Is QCARD still available?
  2. I need to order an Official Transcript - how do I access SOLUS?
  3. Will my student number remain the same?
  4. What if I do not remember my student number?
  5. Will Queen's official transcript be changing?
  6. Why will GPAs not be included on alumni transcripts?

1) Is QCARD still available?
The on-line system known as QCARD was replaced with PeopleSoft Student Centre in March, 2011.

Students named the new self-service system SOLUS, a Gaelic term meaning “knowledge and light”; SOLUS also stands for Student On Line University System.

2) I need to order an Official Transcript - how do I access SOLUS?
If you need to order a transcript, you can access SOLUS by clicking the link MyQueensU Login/SOLUS on the Queen’s Home Page.

To log in, you will need a NetID and password. To get a NetID, navigate to, and complete all required steps.

You will need your student number and date of birth.

3) Will my student number remain the same?
Student numbers are now eight digits instead of seven. Old seven-digit numbers have had a zero added to them as the new first digit. For example, student number 123-4567 is now 0123-4567.

4) What if I do not remember my student number?
If you do not remember your student number, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 613-533-2040 (Monday – Friday, between 8:30 – 4:30 Eastern time).

5) Will Queen's official transcript be changing?
On May 1, 2011, the University began issuing a new transcript to coincide with the date that the new grading system was introduced.
In May 2009, Queen’s Senate approved that the University adopt a consistent grading and course weighting system effective May 1, 2011.

The new grading system will use letter grades, each associated with a grade point, and a grade point average will be calculated. A legend with the new grading system may be found at: .

Historic grades will not be converted to the grading system of letter grades and GPA.

6) Why will GPAs not be included on alumni transcripts?
In the past, most Faculties and Schools did not include averages on official transcripts, and all calculated averages very differently. For example, the Faculty of Arts and Science did not include failures in the students’ averages, which were only available on unofficial internal transcripts, whereas Engineering and Applied Science presented three different averages on the official transcript. While failures were included in all Applied Science averages, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science expressed concern that the 0.00 grade point associated with a Fail mark included in the averages, might inadvertently disadvantage some former students.

GPAs will only be included on transcripts for students registered on or after May 1, 2011.

Graduate schools and departments receiving official transcripts with applications for advanced degrees, will always carefully scrutinize the courses taken and individual grades achieved, often calculating a GPA from the discipline specific courses directly related to the field of study the applicant has applied to.

After consultation with Faculties and Schools, students and alumni, the consensus decision was not to include averages on historical transcripts rather than risk even a minor potential of disadvantaging our alumni.

Alumni will not be disadvantaged with the new Queen’s transcript. The new transcript format will be easier to read and interpret by external reviewers for students applying for employment or advanced degrees.

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