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Queen's University

SOLUS Info for Students

SOLUS = Student On-Line University System

SOLUS Student Centre

SOLUS  will provide students with the tools to manage all academic, financial, contact and admission details during the student’s academic career at Queen's.

To access the
SOLUS Student Centre,
login to the
My.QueensU portal

and select the red SOLUS icon.

Important Access Issues:


SOLUS is a web-based application, which means you access it through an Internet browser. Not all web browsers are supported by SOLUS, and use of a non-supported browser could result in the loss of data or denial of specific services.

To get the most of SOLUS, we recommend use of the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) for PC
  • Mozilla Firefox (Mac and PC)
  • Apple Safari (Mac)

Use of other non-supported web-browsing programs (such as Google Chrome) may lead to a loss of user application data (e.g.:Applications to Graduate).



If you are planning on printing forms from SOLUS, please ensure that your browser allows pop-ups. Forms will appear in a new window in .pdf format.


If you are experiencing access issues, you may need to create a new password to use with your NetID.
A strong password has:

  • no less than 10 characters
  • a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols

Please remember that your password is case-sensitive (i.e. recognizes capital and lower-case letters separately).


More information:

View the SOLUS Student Centre Presentation

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, students got their first opportunity to see the new SOLUS Student Centre in action.

INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER: Please note that the phone number at the end of the video is incorrect. If you would like to call the Registrar's Office please call 613.533.2040 or e-mail us at:

Looking for specific information in the Town Hall video? Click to the minute/second times indicated below.

  • History of the QUASR administrative systems project – 2:53
  • What to expect over the next few months – 4:40
  • Introduction to SOLUS – 13:20
  • Queen's transcripts and grading changes – 33:10
  • Tuition payment changes – 41:30
  • Questions and answers – 53:19 

Your new 8-digit ID number

Due to the conversion to the SOLUS Student Centre, as well as the increasing amount of Student / Staff ID numbers in issuance, Queen's University will be converting from a 7-digit ID number to an 8-digit format as of March 9th, 2011. New students and staff will have an 8-digit ID number that begins with a "1."

The University is currently working with its financial services partners to ensure that changes are in place that will allow students to conduct internet banking transactions with the new 8-digit account codes.

Current 7-digit IDs:

If you are a current student, staff member, or alumni, your current ID number will remain unchanged, except for the addition of a zero in front of the existing 7-digit code. You will not be required to get a new Photo ID Card - your existing card will work with available campus services as in the past.

Queen's New Grading System

In May of 2009, the Queen's University Senate approved the adoption of a new grading system based on letter grades and a numerical grade point average, or GPA.

This new system will be implemented in two phases - the first starting in the Winter 2011 term.  

  • Beyond May 1, 2011 all courses at Queen's will be subject to the new GPA grading system.  
  • After May 1, all percentage grades will be converted to the letter grade and GPA format. 
  • Percentage grades beyond this point will NOT be considered official grades.

These changes will have an important impact on cumulative averages for programs.

More information:

Changes to your Transcript

Beginning May 1, 2011, Queen's University is adopting a new standardized format for transcripts for all Faculties and Schools.

Your new transcript will include such information as:

  • Degrees awarded
  • Academic "milestones" including: language requirements / Thesis [Graduate Studies], English proficiency tests, Competitive Moots [Law], and Aquatics [Kinesiology and Health Studies])
  • Your academic program history organized by "career" (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Non-Credit)
  • Your Grade Point Average by term
  • Academic standing and Dean's Honours List, if applicable
  • Scholarships / Fellowships awarded

The new document will not contain any grade distribution or ranking, but may be obtained in a separate document available online.

It is important to note that the change in the transcript document will not mean a change to your academic records.

More information:

New Tuition Payment Schedule

Starting in the 2011-2012 Academic year, important changes are being made to when - and how - you will be paying your tuition fees.
To plan for the coming changes, please review the following information:

Payment Process

New Deadline Dates

June 15

Deadline for payment of all outstanding fees.


Students will be unable to select courses if there are outstanding fees on their account.


Students are encouraged to login to the SOLUS Student Centre to monitor their accounts on a regular basis.

July - August 

No minimum payment is due. Courses will not be lost for non-payment 


Undergraduate/Law Students:Admission Awards, Renewable Awards, and Upper-Year Scholarship Decisions made prior to September 1st will be applied directly against tuition charges, thereby reducing (or possibly eliminating) any outstanding balance.

First Payment Due

Tuition fees for the academic year (Fall/Winter) and any other outstanding debts, or an Alternative Payment Arrangement, will be required by September 1st.


Graduate Students:Graduate students who are not on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan must pay their Fall fees by September 1st, or confirm their payment details with an Alternative Payment Arrangement.

Missing the September 1st Deadline

A Late Registration Charge of $150 will be assessed if tuition is not paid in full or if the Alternative Payment Arrangementhas not been submitted and approved.

Alternate Payment Arrangement

  • Students with an OSAP entitlement will receive an automatic deferral of the  September 1st date for the amount up to the value of the OSAP entitlement
  • Students with proof of funding from elsewhere (e.g. student loans from other jurisdictions, grants, external awards, third-party contracts, Band funding) must complete the Alternative Payment Arrangement Formin order to have the Late Registration Charge waived.

International Students:

  • First Year Graduate Students are required to show intent to participate in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
  • Undergraduate Students may submit an Alternative Payment Arrangement for up to 50% of their tuition and other fees until January.

Course-Related Consequences for Non-Payment

Students will not be able to participate in the adding / dropping of courses and will not have their student cards validated

All Fees - Due Date

The balance of student fees and residence fees will be due on September 30th

Service Charges

Service Charges on unpaid balances will be applied the last business day of the month, starting in October.


Undergraduate Students:

  • Undergraduate students receiving OSAP will automatically receive a waiver of service charges up to 40% of the value of the OSAP entitlement provided that students process their first instalment.
  • Out-of-province students who have submitted an Alternative Payment Arrangement, and are receiving government assistance, will receive a waiver of service charges up to the amount of their second instalment.


Questions / Comments

If you have any questions or comments relating to these changes, you can call 613.533.2040 or e-mail   

Our e-mail is monitored continually throughout the day, so that we can respond to your concerns in a timely manner.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000