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We here provide a series of PDF maps of various portions of the station's holdings. The thumbnail image will provide you with some notion of what each file presents.  We also provide a series of PDF maps of various physical aspects (soils, bedrock, eventually hydrology) station's holdings. Click on the accompanying link to download a high-resolution PDF file (typically between 4-6 MB in size).

Overview Map of QUBS (6 MB)

Overview of Queen's Point Properties & environs (pdf 6MB)

Detail of Queen's University Biological Station Point with Buildings (pdf 332 KB)

Skycroft Trails (pdf 5.8 MB)

Back Lakes and Queen's Trails (pdf 6 MB)

Northeast fields (pdf 5.8 MB)

Bird Grids and Southwest Fields (pdf 4 MB)

Bonwill Tract (pdf 4.5 MB)

Boston Wildlands (pdf 4.6 MB)

Bracken Tract (pdf 3.3 MB)

Massasauga Tract (pdf 4.6 MB)

Moores Tract (pdf 3.4 MB)

Pangman Reserve (pdf 4.4 MB)

Hughson Farm (pdf 4.5 MB)

Cape Sauriol (pdf 5.3 MB)