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On Sunday May 25 our Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre had its annual open house. Manager Carolyn Bonta welcomed many visitors both nearby and from Kingston and other nearby towns and cities. The event was particularly gratifying as Carolyn revealed new educational signage including one for our extensive trail system, a new walking bridge, and a new trail app envisioned by Carolyn and coded by David Lougheed (funded through the generosity of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation). There were lots of activities including a hike, limnology 'lab' and opportunities for canoeing.

  • Carolyn with new trails sign.

    Carolyn revealing new trails sign.

  • Director Steve Lougheed and Carolyn at phenology station.

    Director Steve Lougheed and Manager Carolyn Bonta talking about one of the stations for the app.

  • Some guests testing out our new walking bridge.

    Some guests testing out our new walking bridge.

  • Ron Vanderwal & Carolyn cutting the ribbon for new walking bridge.

    South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vanderwal and Carolyn cutting the ribbon for the new walking bridge. Money for the bridge came from the township of South Frontenac and Frontenac County. The bridgewas built by members of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network trails crew.