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Meet Our Student Life Team

Admissions, Records and Student Services Coordinator

Tracy Lott

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am the Admissions, Records and Student Services Coordinator at Queen's School of English. I am involved with your registration, fees and residence; as well as all the fun stuff that we offer with activities and trips!

I have not traveled to many places in the world – so I love that the world travels to me. I have worked here for 17 years and still love every minute of it! If you need anything - come in to see me.


Socio-Cultural Monitors:


Hi! My name is Candy Tse and I am a socio-cultural monitor here at Queen’s School of English. I am graduating this June with my Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and French, and will be continuing at Queen’s next year to complete my Bachelor’s of Education.  I decided to join the team because I enjoy meeting new people and helping others.

I also love learning about other cultures, traveling, and watching movies in my spare time. After going on a year-long exchange, I can understand both the difficulties and many wonderful opportunities that come along with being in a new place, and I would love to make your experience here at Queen’s one to remember! Feel free to ask me anything; I look forward to meeting everyone.


Hey everyone! I’m Alison Wong and I am a socio-cultural monitor at Queen’s School of English. I’m currently completing a dual degree in commerce and computing, and will be graduating this upcoming June. I was a conversation partner last year, and helped out with a lot of the socio-cultural events— I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to come back as an actual monitor for this year!

I’ve done 4 months of exchange in Germany, and have also traveled to Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. I love reading, Broadway musicals, badminton, and K-pop. Feel free to chat with me about anything!



Hi! My name is Maggie Chan and I am a socio-cultural monitor at Queen’s School of English. I recently completed my undergraduate degree in English and French at the University of Windsor, and then moved to Kingston to begin a Bachelor of Education degree at Queen’s. My biggest passions include languages, literature, travel, and food.

I absolutely love learning about different cultures and fostering connections with people from around the world. When I was on exchange in France, I was lucky enough to meet native French speakers who helped me with the cultural adjustment and language proficiency. It is my hope that I can do the same for you in your journey of learning English and living in Canada — thus, feel free to talk to me anytime! I look forward to meeting you. 


Hi, I’m Chris and I am one of your socio-cultural monitors. I am a passionate educator, traveler, and culinary aficionado. I attained my undergraduate degree in science at McMaster University in 2011 where I studied psychology, neuroscience and behavior. Following my undergraduate studies I moved to rural South Korea where I worked as an ESL instructor. Currently, I am a student in the Faculty of Education at Queen's University where I specialize in primary-junior education with a focus on international education.

I enjoy running, weightlifting, playing sports, and fishing. I hope to finish my professional education degree in the summer of 2017 and return to educating internationally next fall.