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QBridge Program

Queen's University English Bridging Program                                      

QBridge is a university preparation program for students who have received  a conditional offer of acceptance to an undergraduate program at Queen's University.

QBridge is designed to provide you with academic English language training prior to studies at Queen's. From the end of June until August, you will participate in an intensive English language program at Queen's School of English (QSoE), completing the program in time to enroll in full-time degree studies in September.

Queen's AdmissionThis program helps to build the skills necessary for academic success and helps you gain an understanding of the expectations for study at Queen's University. This student-centered immersion program integrates the four language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, at an academic level. It is more academically challenging and rigorous than standard lecture and test format courses and more in keeping with a communicative classroom style. Students are expected to communicate their ideas orally, and to analyze and critique the ideas of others, as they fine tune their academic English skills.

Successful students will demonstrate a high level of academic ability while engaging in English study, attending and listening to lectures, writing essays, and participating in presentations, seminars and debates.

Admission Requirements:

QBridge is offered to students who:

Students will be considered for conditional acceptance to Queen's if they:

  • Exceed the minimum academic requirements for the program to which they have applied, and;
  • Do not meet the minimum English language requirements for Queen's undergraduate admission, but achieve one of the following minimum test scores:
  • TOEFL iBT - 80
  • IELTS - 6
  • MELAB - 78
  • CAEL - at least one band being 70, and none are lower than 60
  • Complete QSoE's Winter session ESLA 140 (minimum B+) or ESLA 150 (minimum B-)

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QBridge Program Dates:

July 2 - August 28, 2014 for September 2014 undergraduate admission

QBridge Program Fee (all fees are in Canadian dollars)*:

$9,900 includes:

Not Included:

  • Residence Accommodation
  • Compulsory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for students without valid OHIP or other Canadian provincial health insurance coverage
  • Meals and personal expenses
  • Travel expenses to campus

*Please note that this fee is for the QBridge program only. University tuition fees are assessed separately. Please refer to http://www.queensu.ca/registrar/currentstudents/fees.html.

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Deadlines for Application to QBridge:

Please note that students must adhere to the Queen's Undergraduate Admission deadlines.

International and Non-Ontario Student Deadline:

Upon receipt of the Conditional Offer of Admission, students have until May 1, 2014 to accept the offer and to submit to Queen's School of English (QSoE) a deposit of $2,970 CND. Students must submit the remainder of their QBridge program fee in the amount of $6,930 CND plus applicable UHIP fees by June 2, 2014.

Ontario Students:

Upon receipt of the Conditional Offer of Admission, students have until June 2, 2014 to accept the offer and make full payment of fees in the amount of $9,900 CDN plus applicable UHIP fees.

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Application Procedures:

Students must first follow the regular application process for undergraduate degree studies at Queen's and apply through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC).

When applying through OUAC, Students who meet the requirements stated above will automatically be considered for the QBridge program.

In order to be accepted into the QBridge program, students must first receive a conditional offer of admission to full-time degree studies at Queen's.

Upon receiving a conditional offer of admission from Queen's university, students will receive information on the QBridge program, including a link to the QBridge acceptance form; which includes instructions on how to make payment.

Due to limited enrollment, students are strongly encouraged to confirm their interest in the QBridge program as soon as possible.

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All students must comply with the Queen's School of English Policy.

Queen's School of English Language Policy

The exclusive use of English is mandatory for all students at all times and attendance in all classes is compulsory. Students who do not comply with these rules may be asked to withdraw from the school with no refund of fees.